Note: This character is not from How to Train Your Dragon.

Dragon is a character from the Shrek franchise. She appears in Dragons: Rise of Berk in a Valentine's Day event.

Official Description

DRAGON met her one true love, Donkey, while protecting the land of Far Far Away!
DRAGON is always ready for a good fight! If she's not helping ogres and fighting witches on Far Far Away, DRAGON is there to lend Berk a helping flame.


Dragon has purple scales and a pink belly. She has horn-like protuberances at the back of their head and small wing-like structures, like that of a Gronckle's on the top of her head. She has a pair of wide spread wings and humanoid arms.


  • Dragon and her children, the Dronkeys are the only characters to appear in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise that are from another franchise, in this case, Shrek.



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