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We'll have really cool stables with our own landing strip. [src]
  — Hiccup  

Dragon's Edge Stables are dragon stables located on Dragon's Edge and belonging to the Dragon Riders.



The Dragon's Edge Dragon Stables are constructed like a stylized airplane hanger, but for dragons. It has a large decorative green dragon on top and a symbol for each dragon class painted on its front. A wooden landing area juts out from the front, propped up by a hodge-podge of wood beams jointed with metal.


The interior of the Stables appears to be constructed almost entirely of wood, despite housing fire-breathing creatures. It contains a number of stalls for the dragons with bars instead of gates as commonly seen in horse stalls. These stalls can be padlocked if needed.



Most dragons are housed here, especially for the night, except for Toothless since he prefers to sleep with Hiccup in his hut. Stalls can be locked from the outside.


Occasionally, human prisoners need to be jailed and the stalls can serve as a prison cell.


The Dragon's Edge Dragon Stables are seen in various episodes throughout the entire Dragons: Race to the Edge series. Highlighted appearances are listed below.

Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 1

In "When Darkness Falls", once the Dragon Riders find an ideal island to set up an outpost, they draft up their new base. A part of that is the Dragon Stables, which was conceived by Hiccup.

In "Total Nightmare" Hiccup and Astrid discuss if their dragons will return to the wild while they clean Toothless and Stormfly in the stables.

Season 2

In "Bad Moon Rising", Tuffnut believes he will turn into the mythical Lycanwing after a mysterious bite. Not wanting to cause harm to the others after he ‘turns’, he locks himself and Chicken in the Stables.

The Stables and the entire outpost come under attack by Dagur's and Ryker's men, and is defended only by Astrid and Tuffnut.

The Dragon Riders return to the Edge to find their outpost ransacked and in shambles by the Dragon Hunters, while they were searching for the Dragon Eye.

Season 3

The Riders rescue a mysterious egg that hatches into a Death Song. They name him Garffiljorg. He is very loud and the Riders try to put him in a stall with Chicken, but he tries to eat her.

Season 4

In "Shell Shocked, Part 2", not being able to trust Viggo, the Gang places him in the Stables as a temporary prison cell.

Season 5

Krogan and his Dragon Flyers take over Dragon's Edge for a time in "Dawn of Destruction. They use the Stables to house their Singetails through "The Wings of War, Part 1 and "The Wings of War, Part 2"

Season 6

The Dragon Riders leave Dragon's Edge to return to Berk in the series finale, "King of Dragons, Part 2".



  • Dagur the Deranged built a Dragon Stable on Berserker Island based closely on the Edge Dragon Stable

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