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The Dragon's Edge Pitfall Trap is a hole dug on Dragon's Edge in order to trap enemies.


The trap hole is located in the middle of a path on Dragon's Edge. It is covered with a thin layer of foliage from the island, preventing an unwary enemy from noticing it. When someone steps on the foliage, the layer breaks, sending said person falling down into the pit bellow and trapping them.


Dug by the Twins

After discovering the burrow of a Snaptrapper on Zippleback Island, Tuffnut came up with the idea of digging a hole on Dragon's Edge in an attempt to trap any enemies, particularly the Dragon Hunters. He asked the player to relay this idea back to Hiccup, but both he and Ruffnut had already dug the hole by the time Hiccup agreed with the idea.

Upon covering the trap with foliage, the Twins tested it by pulling a prank on Snotlout, leading to him stepping on the foliage and falling into the trap. Confirming that the trap worked, Snotlout was lifted out of the hole, which was left on the island as a defense for the Edge.

Later on, the pitfall trap was used to trap a small group of Dragon Hunters during their attack on Dragon's Edge.


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