The Dragon's Edge Cauldron is a cauldron used by the residents of Dragon's Edge. It was used to create a soft saddle pad during the events of School of Dragons


The Dragon's Edge Cauldron is used to store ingredients that are heated up, stirred, and molded to form items. The cauldron has been used to form soft saddle pads that can be worn by dragons in order to prevent saddle sores.


Creating a Soft Saddle Pad

After a crash landing in the Wilderness, Fishlegs realized that Meatlug had developed saddle sores due to wearing her Saddle for long periods of time. Gobber the Belch suggested that the player assist Heather in the creation of a soft saddle pad, as he was fresh out of them. After gathering rubber from a Rubber Tree from Phlegma the Fierce along with some Morning Glory vines, the player brings these items to Heather, who places them in a cauldron that had been preheated by Windshear's hot fire blasts. After a sufficient period of stirring and molding, the saddle pad is created, which Heather gives to the player to deliver to Fishlegs.


  • The stone dragon heads that support the cauldron look similar to those that support the Berk Zinc Bath.

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