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Drago Bludvist uses many dragon traps. Each trap has a unique purpose and design.



These traps were designed by Eret, Son of Eret who is a lot more technologically advanced than other Vikings. Most are designed with bolas or nets to shoot dragons out of the air while others can snare dragons that get low enough to the ground. These traps are either dome shaped or like large slingshots.

Types of Traps

  • Dragon Ca
    How the trap works.gif
    tcher - This trap is a simple, dome-shaped trap which closes when a dragon flies inside it. A captive dragon is placed into this machine and other dragons, tempted to help the captive dragons, fly in, and the trap will shut instantly.
  • Gronckle Cannon - This trap is a cannon that shoots out chained projectiles to ground Gronckles and other dragons.
  • Nadder Nabber - This trap is designed to subdue Deadly Nadders from shooting spikes from their tails.
    Zippleback Ouroboros.gif
  • Snuffer - This trap is designed to extinguish the flame of Monstrous Nightmares and other fire-breathing dragons. Once a dragon's fire is put out, a large grate flings over and traps it.
  • Zipple Catcher - This trap is designed to shoot out grappling hooks that latch on the necks of Hideous Zipplebacks. It also has an anchor which will drop into the earth, preventing Zipplebacks from escaping.


  • In Dragons: Rise of Berk, the Dragon Catcher device can only be opened with a certain amount of gears are collected.

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