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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Drago's bullhook is Drago Bludvist's main weapon, as it helps him to control his Bewilderbeast.


Drago is shown to wield a long metal bullhook. Much like Valka's Staff, Drago uses it as a means of controlling the dragons (or more specifically, his Bewilderbeast), swinging it over his head and roaring loudly, alerting the Bewilderbeast of his request. It is possible that this technique operates out of psychological conditioning, as Drago uses it to beat a captured Hookfang into submission, and forces him to stay on the ground as he placed his foot on the dragon's snout.

During the battle at Valka's Mountain, Drago used his bullhook to fight Valka and Stoick the Vast, as well as to summon his Bewilderbeast. Following Stoick's death, Drago then used his bullhook to take Hiccup's dragon, Toothless, as his ride to accompany his Bewilderbeast and his dragons. However, Drago lost control of Toothless and briefly lost it when Hiccup pushed him off his Bewilderbeast. He then took it with him to try to aid his Bewilderbeast to take back control of the dragons when Toothless roars out his challenge. The bullhook might have fallen into the sea, since Drago used his only arm to steady himself on his Bewilderbeast before retreating back into the ocean.

It is thought that Drago found his Bewilderbeast  at a young age and tortured it so that when he swings it around, Drago's Bewilderbeast comes and does his bidding.

The bullhook appears in the game, Dragons: Rise of Berk as a collectible in completing collections.


  • Drago calls his Bewilderbeast.gif
    When swung around, the bullhook makes a sound that calms and summons dragons.
  • Combat: Drago is able to use the bullhook as a weapon, efficiently defeating Valka with it and dueling Stoick for a long period of time.
    Valka vs Drago.gif


  • The bullhook is an actual weapon that was used (and in some areas still being used) to cruelly tame and control elephants in India and other parts of South-East Asia.
    • It is likely that when Drago's Bewilderbeast was younger, Drago trained him cruelly by using his bullhook as a punishment when his Bewilderbeast did not do well. The bullhook is used to hurt the sensitive parts of the creature. This is how elephants are being trained.


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