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This is the transcript page for "Double Finked", complete with full dialogues and actions.


Summer: Go, Leyla, go!

Leyla: These rescue vines Hannah’s made for our saddles work great.

Burple: Glad I don’t have to use those. Just watching you practice makes me dizzy.

Dak: You stink rescuing an egg is good? Wait till you see me rescue and Elbone.

Aggro: I thought that was supposed to be Chief Duggard.

Cutter: No. Definitely Elbone. See? He’s screaming.

Aggro: Oh, right. Very lifelike.

Dak: Watch and learn, everyone. Hi-yah! Woah!

Winger: I got him.

Aggro: You forgot Elbone.

Dak: I know.

Leyla: Dak, maybe next time you should use your arms to get more balance.

Dak: Hey, I just got a little tangled up, that’s all. Don’t worry, Ley, I can rescue vine as well as anyone with my eyes closed.

Cutter: Doing it with your eyes open sure didn’t work too well.

Winger: Woah!

Dak: Yes!

Aggro: Well, you got part of him.

Winger: Dak, maybe we should call it a day. I’m getting sort of hungry.

Dak: Are you just saying that to keep me from hurting myself more? Yeah, I’m good with that. Let’s head home, Rescue Riders.

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