Doris is a sheep that appears in the Christmas Supplemental show, the Snoggletog Log.


A Snoggletog with Dragons

Doris is a free-roaming sheep living on New Berk. Around Snoggletog season, Gobber works on making a mutton stew at the large fireplace in the Haddock House. He exclaimed that the stew needs one more thing - mutton - and called out for Doris. She hears but avoided him.

While wandering into the home, she saw a Night Light come toward her, and she lays on the floor, as if pretending to be a woolen rug. The Night Light snuggled up to her, thinking her a very comfortable rug. Later he moved onto her back and settles down. Not long after, two other Night Lights also settle down in a pile upon her back. At one point she stands and walks off with the sleeping dragons on her back.

Later, human friends and family gather at the fireplace to eat the 'mutton' stew together. After some unfortunate occurrences, the stew is in edible and everyone spits it out. After the humans clear away in disgust, Doris again walks into the house, and licks up some of the wasted stew with no problems.

Physical Appearance

Doris is a standard-looking sheep with a white woolen coat. Her face and legs are a light grey, She has no horns, presumably because she is a female.


  • Doris might be Gobber's sheep given she's named and Gobber called for her. This would make her Gobber's second known sheep along with Phil. However, Gobber may have a stronger bond with Phil since he's treated like a pet, while Gobber intends to use Doris for consumption.


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