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Dogsbreath is a minor character exclusive to How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular, a theater adaptation of the How to Train Your Dragon movie.


Learning to Fight Dragons

Dogsbreath, as one of Berk's teenagers, helps put out fires in the village brought about by vicious attacking dragons. He also takes part in training to kill and subdue dragons along with the other village teenagers. He faces a Gronckle and later a Nadder, along with the other students, and learns about their weaknesses and ways to defeat them. At first, Dogsbreath attempts to confront the dragons with the other students in an unorganized manner, but later learns to make a concerted effort to subdue the beasts.


After the Red Death is defeated, Dogsbreath integrates into a now dragon-friendly Berkian society.

Physical Appearance

Dogsbreath is a lean, tall young man wearing a white top with a dark furred sleeveless vest over top of it. The vest's front is furred, while the backside is not. His trousers change from grayish to dirty white to light blue. It almost appears as though they hang low off his hips, showing striped garments underneath. This might have something to do with the harness the actor wears to perform acrobatic stunts on a rope suspended from the ceiling. Dogsbreath also wears dark leather armbands on his fore arms. His helmet has only small spikes on it, but does have a sort of tassel at the top.



  • Dogsbreath actor, Robbie White, was also the understudy for Snotlout's character. He often did English-speaking promotional appearances instead of Godefroy Ryckewart, possibly because Mr. Ryckewaert is French while Robbie is English[1].



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