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Dogs are animals that are only mentioned, but not seen, in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise.


The dog (Canis lupus familiaris) was the first animal that humans have domesticated. They have been domesticated with approximately 15,000 years ago. Their ancestor was the wolf, which still has a few living species today, like the gray wolf.

Today, there are many breeds of dogs with a variation of sizes, colors, behaviors, and attributes. The life-span of dogs is also different between breeds.


Dogs have been domesticated for protection and aiding in hunt. Later, humans began using them for for herding animals, pulling loads and military use. Today, they are also used in aiding the police and helping the handicapped people. However, the most common use for them is as pets or companions.


Book of Dragons

Gobber mentions dogs while describing the Boneknapper.

You give a Boneknapper whatever it's looking for and it's just like an overgrown puppy dog.
  — Gobber describing the Boneknapper  


Dragons: Titan Uprising

The Boneknapper Bog-Blight is described as being "an oversized, bony puppy" when her armor is complete.

Other Mentions

As an Epithet

Gobber calls the riders "lazy dogs" while putting them to work.

Come on! Put your backs into it you lazy dogs! [src]
  — Gobber yelling at the teens  

A captured Dragon Hunter calls the Dragon Riders 'dogs' when Tuffnut tried to get information out of him.

You won't get anything out of us, you dragon-riding dogs! [src]
  — A dragon hunter to the riders  


According to Simon Otto[1], Toothless was inspired by many animals, including dogs: "His [Toothless'] personality, appearance and behavior is a mix between a horse, wombat, kangaroo, bat, snake, dog, cat, panther and a bird of prey."


Simon Otto[1] mentions that the Gronckle is inspired by a mix of a pit-bull, a crocodile, a Harley-Davidson and a helicopter.


According to a YouTube video[2], Grump, and by extension the Hotburples, is inspired by a walrus, tadpole, old bulldog and trash can.


This Mystery and Stoker Class dragon looks like a "little round dragon that's sort of a cross between a bullfrog and a French bulldog, according to Dean DeBlois[3].



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