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Burple: Pumpkin one, pumpkin two. Pumpkin one, pumpkin two. Pumpkin one, pumpkin two. Pumpkin one, pumpkin two.

Dak: Alright, send me up, guys.

Viking Woman: Here you go.

Viking Man: Alley-oop!

Dak: Okay, I think we've got everything we need. Potatoes, pumpkins, and... Cutter! Weren't you supposed to get the apples?

Cutter: I did get them. They were delicious. I'm sorry.

Burple: That's okay. I'm hungry for some fresh fishies.

Elbone: Behold, the last fish I'll ever catch!

Leyla: Don't tell me. Working on another new business?

Elbone: Even Rocky thinks it's a great idea. And trust me, he is tough to impress. See what I mean? Anyhoo, it's my best yet. It's a-

Magnus Finke: Watch out, Rescue Runts.

Elbone: Rocky!

Summer: On it!

Elbone: Great! Thanks! Uh, the fishing business is harder to quit than I thought. Come on little guy, let's get you back in the water.

Magnus: Move!

Aggro: Okay, someone needs a lesson in manners.

Dak: Building a new invention, Magnus?

Magnus: Wouldn't you like to know?

Axel Finke: Uncle! I found some great parts for that new invention we're building.

Magnus: Ugh! No. Nope. Never. Absolutely not! Next time, leave the shopping to me, Axel.

Burple: Iron never tastes as good as it looks.

Dak: Uh, Magnus? I think you forgot something.

Magnus: Oh, I don't need those, it's all garbage.

Dak: So, maybe you should clean it up.

Magnus: Hmm. Picking up trash? Sounds like the perfect job for the Refuse Riders. Ha ha. Refuse Riders. Ha ha ha ha, Magnus.

Dak: Refuse means garbage.

Aggro: Now I'm mad.

Duggard the Decisive: No, no, Magnus. We all must our part. Huttsgalor's been cleaner than ever lately. I'm not tripping over things around town anymore. I'll blame my feet for that one.

Magnus: Ugh, fine. I'll clean it up. Axel, clean this up!

Leyla: Well, we should head back to the Roost.

Cutter: Huh? Trouble! Look!

Leyla: Dragons? Attacking a ship?

Winger: Riders, let's fly!

Elbone: Good luck, Rescue Riders, wherever you're going! Seriously? I'm just too good.

Viking Man: I'm okay.

Dak: Woah! What kind of dragons are those?

Cutter: Uh, really angry ones.

Viking Sailor #1: Help us!

Summer: They're trying to sink that ship.

Leyla: Agrro, Burple, Cutter, get the crew to safety! Summer and I will try to stop those dragons.

Aggro: On it!

Viking Sailor #1: Help us, Rescue Riders!

Cutter: Gotcha!

Viking Sailor #2: Over here!

Burple: I totally meant to do that.

Summer: Deep breath! Wait, we just want to talk!

Gill: Is that a human on your back?

Leyla: We're here to help. We're the Rescue Riders.

Fathom: Humans? Who speak dragon? Do you hear that, Gill?

Gill: If they can speak dragon, maybe they're different, Fathom.

Fathom: They're not. Humans are all the same. Whether you can talk to dragons or not, we don't want anything to do with you.

Dak: I got your back, sis!

Leyla: Come on!

Cutter: Let's get up there and help!

All Sailors at once: Thank you, Rescue Riders!

Aggro: Kinda seems like they don't wanna talk.

Cutter: Or listen.

Burple: Or be chased. Which is fine by me. Not a huge fan of chasing.

Summer and Leyla: Huh?

Dak: They just disappeared.

Burple: Oh well, time to go home.

Summer: Burple, we have to find out why they were attacking that ship.

Burple: Okay.

Cutter: Do we really?

Leyla: Yes, we do. Come on! Those were Divewings. They're usually very peaceful dragons, and they like to be left alone. Something must've made them pretty mad to come out of hiding. Look!

Summer: A whirlpool.

Leyla: Divewings create whirlpools to travel at high speed through the water.

Summer: They must have gone down there.

Dak: What do we do? Wait for them to come back up?

Leyla: So they can attack another ship? Nope, I've got a better idea. You guys wait here.

Winger: Wait, Leyla! Is it safe to go down there?

Dak: Hey! I thought I was the one who did the crazy stuff.

Summer: We made it.

Leyla: Yeah, but made it where?

Fathom: A place you never should have come.

Aggro: They've been down there too long.

Cutter: Someone needs to go down there after them. Someone who's fast, fearless and probably named-

Burple: Burple? Oh, all right. Wait. I'm not that fast or fearless.

Cutter: I was thinking Winger. Really, anyone other than me would work.

Winger: Swimming's not really my thing, but I can try.

Dak: All right, then I'm trying, too. I can totally hold my breath as long as Leyla. I hope. Whoa! Phew. Saved by the sister.

Aggro: What happened down there?

Burple: Did you find the Divewings?

Leyla: I think you guys need to come see for yourselves.

Burple: Uh I'm not a very good swimmer. Better at sinking, actually.

Leyla: You won't need to swim. The crazy whirlpool thingy those Divewings made will pull you to where you're going.

Summer: But you might wanna take a really deep breath.

Dak: I already can't wait to do that again.

Cutter: I can.

Burple: What is this place? Some kind of secret cave you can only get to from the water?

Summer: Exactly.

Burple: Oh. I was totally just guessing.

Winger: Wow. What a mess.

Leyla: This trash is the reason our friends, Fathom and Gill, are so angry.

Fathom: I told you, we're not your friends.

Gill: Fathom.

Fathom: What? We don't make friends with humans, Gill. Never have and never will.

Leyla: I'm kind of hoping to change that. This is my brother, Dak. That's Winger, Cutter, Burple, Summer and Aggro.

Fathom: You wanna be our friends? Then stop dumping your trash on us.

Dak: Wait, did all this stuff wash up into here? I'd be angry, too. Well, not enough to attack a ship, but, you know...

Gill: Your village is dumping all this into the ocean.

Fathom: And endangering our eggs.

Winger: The people of Huttsgalor wouldn't do this.

Fathom: Well, someone is.

Gill: Fathom. Sorry. We Divewings don't meet a lot of other dragons, let alone humans. We pretty much keep to ourselves in here.

Fathom: Not anymore. Until trash stops flooding into our home and endangering our eggs, we're going to keep attacking those ships.

Leyla: I'm sure whoever's doing this has no idea the damage they're causing.

Dak: What if you stopped attacking our ships long enough for us to figure out who's doing it?

Leyla: Some of us will stay here and help you clean all this up.

Fathom: Like I said, we don't trust-

Gill: Maybe we should give them a chance. And we could use some help with all this.

Fathom: You have one day.

Dak: That's all we'll need. Come on, Wing, let's fly! Eh, swim. Let's swim.

Summer: Actually, I'm a better swimmer than Winger. I should take you.

Winger: She has a point.

Leyla: Summer, you sure?

Summer: We need to figure out who's causing this. And if there's anything I love, it's a good mystery. And helping other dragons, of course.

Leyla: Okay, then Winger can help us down here.

Dak: Me? Fly on Summer? I guess I could do that. I mean, it can't be that different, right? Okay, maybe a little different. You okay there, Cutter?

Cutter: No, I am not.

Summer: I say we start by asking Chief Duggard if he knows who might be dumping trash into the ocean.

Aggro: Or Hannahr. She uses a lot of metal.

Cutter: I agree with whatever plan gets us away from that whirlpool the fastest.

Dak: You guys are kidding, right?

Cutter: I'm usually kidding, but I don't think I am right now.

Dak: Come on, we know who dumped that trash. Magnus and Axel. They don't care about cleaning up after themselves. All Magnus cares about is keeping his super top-secret inventions to himself.

Aggro: Got to say, this does seem like a Magnus move.

Cutter: And when in doubt, blame Axel.

Summer: Hold on, we shouldn't jump to conclusions here.

Dak: We're not jumping. We're flying.

Magnus: Lies! Trash into the ocean? That's a false accusation if I ever heard one.

Axel: Guys, this hurts. You know how much I love nature.

Aggro: We do?

Magnus: Now, move along. I'm far too busy with my newest invention to continue this ridiculous conversation any further.

Dak: Come on, Magnus, just admit it. We all know the junk is coming from your workshop.

Magnus: Oh, you do, do you? Well, I'll have you know that it would be a waste of my time to throw junk into the ocean when I can just make Axel throw it into the backyard. Huh? Axel, how far can you throw, anyway?

Axel: It was here yesterday.

Dak: See that? Case closed.

Summer: I don't know. He seems genuinely surprised.

Dak: Nice try, Magnus, but we got you.

Cutter: Ooh. This feels even better than I thought it would.

Magnus: You and your dragons can roar at me all you'd like, but you did not "get me". I'm sure there's a perfectly simple explanation for this. Axel, come up with a perfectly simple explanation for this.

Axel: Uh-

Dak: Don't bother. Magnus, you're not gonna be throwing any more junk into the ocean on our watch.

Leyla: It's okay, see? I'm just moving this away from your nest. So, Divewings don't really like any humans?

Fathom: Why do you think we live down here?

Leyla: Humans aren't bad. Sometimes we just-

Fathom: Ruin our nests? Endanger our families?

Leyla: I was gonna say make mistakes.

Gill: Fathom, they're here to help.

Leyla: Having humans, or any other dragons, down here with us is new.

Gill: And sometimes new can be good.

Fathom: Sometimes.

Leyla: My brother and I care about dragons. We're sorry this happened to you, but we'll fix it, I promise.

Magnus: Are you going to follow us all day?

Dak: Pretty much.

Magnus: This is outrageous. Axel, let's go home.

Dak: I'd say his trash-dumping days are over, now that he knows we're keeping an eye on him.

Gill: You have to admit: it looks better.

Fathom: A little better, but the real test is whether it stays that way.

Leyla: It will, and when our friends get back, we'll find a way to cart this junk out of here.

Gill: If you like, we can give you-

Burple: Breakfast? Brunch? Lunch? Supper? Dinner? Dessert? Snack time?

Gill: A ride to the surface?

Winger: I was hoping you'd say that. Hop on.

Leyla: Huh? Oh, right. I guess we're all saddle swapping today. Okay, this feels weird. No offense.

Winger: It's okay. Kind of feels weird for me, too. You're actually holding on and not trying to do anything crazy.

Leyla: You never know.

Burple: My stomachs almost enjoyed it that time.

Dak: We found the garbage dumper, and don't worry, we've been keeping an eye on him. You won't have to worry about any more trash hurting your eggs.

Fathom: Maybe you're right. Maybe they're not so bad after all.

Gill: What?

Leyla: Dak, I thought you said you found out who did this.

Dak: I thought I did, too.

Fathom: I knew it. You said you'd help us, but you didn't.

Gill: And now our eggs are in danger again.

Dak: I don't know what happened. We were watching Magnus and Axel all day.

Summer: Look!

Leyla: Dak, fly up the coast and find out where the trash is coming from.

Dak: All right, Summer, guess it's still me and you.

Summer: Better hold on.

Dak: Oh, I'm already used to flying a water dragon! I just can't believe it wasn't Magnus. I mean, who else would?

Summer: Elbone?

Dak: Elbone, no!

Elbone: Well, hello to you, too.

Dak: Elbone! Stop! What are you doing?

Elbone: My new business, what else? Trash collecting. I'm doing it for free right now, but once people get used to it, I'll start charging.

Summer: Trash collecting?

Dak: Duggard did say the town was looking pretty clean recently.

Elbone: Because of me, and oh, boy, did the town need it! Have you seen Magnus' backyard? It was filthy.

Dak: Elbone, you can't just throw trash into the sea like that.

Elbone: I can't? How about like this?

Dak: No. All this junk is floating around the island and hurting some dragons that live underwater. They're really mad.

Elbone: Oh, you mean those dragons? They don't look mad. Maybe disappointed, or annoyed, or hungry, or- Actually, you were right the first time.

Fathom: We knew humans couldn't be trusted!

Elbone: I thought you said they didn't want trash in the ocean?

Dak: Stop! You're only making things worse.

Gill: Fathom, wait!

Dak: This was all a big misunderstanding. He didn't know what he was doing.

Elbone: That's true. I never know what I'm doing. I'd never hurt dragons. They're my friends. They save me all the time.

Fathom: Well, who's gonna save our eggs now? There's too much trash.

Gill: Our home, it'll be destroyed.

Dak: Not if we can stop that stuff before it hits the whirlpool.

Elbone: Wait, maybe I can help. I'm good at fishing, knitting and positive thinking! Need any of those?

Dak: Elbone, are you willing to get back into the fishing business one more time? 'Cause we're gonna need nets. Lots and lots of nets.

Leyla: There's so much trash.

Aggro: And it just keeps coming.

Burple: You know, I hate to sound defeated, but I think we're being defeated.

Cutter: By a pile of wet trash.

Summer: H-2-On it.

Dak: Yeah! Coming in hot! Let's hope this works!

Leyla: Great idea, Dak.

Cutter: Trash fishing? That actually looks kind of fun.

Elbone: I really am just too good at fishing.

Dak: Case closed. For real this time. Oh, no, you don't. That was awesome. We make a pretty good team, huh?

Summer: H-2-Oh, yeah.

Elbone: Rocky? Rocky? He must have fallen overboard, and he can't swim. He mostly just sinks like a rock. I knew you couldn't quit me, buddy.

Fathom: I know we don't know much about humans, but that's weird, right?

Leyla: Yep.

Dak: We're sorry again about the trash.

Elbone: Yeah, I really, really, really never meant to hurt anyone. And I really, really, really mean that. Really.

Fathom: It's all right. Thank you for saving our home. Maybe... Uh.

Gill: Oh, just say it.

Fathom: Maybe humans aren't so bad after all.

Leyla: I knew you'd come around.

Fathom: Goodbye for now, Rescue Riders.

Aggro: So, what are we gonna do with all this stuff? Burple can't fit all of it in his stomachs.

Cutter: Was that a dare? It really sounded like a dare, Burp.

Leyla: I have a better idea. We should take it to Hannahr. Maybe she could melt the metal down-

Dak: And make newer and cooler stuff out of it.

Leyla: Exactly. Now, there's a great business idea, Elbone. Think of all the gold you could make.

Elbone: I don't see it, and neither does Rocky. Wait, you do see it? Maybe I should reconsider. But what would we call it? Junk transforming? "Re-use-ifying"? What? Recycling? Ha! What does that even mean?

Dak: Well, there's just one more thing left to do. And it might be harder than anything else I've done today.

Winger: Need a ride?

Dak: Actually, Wing, if you don't mind, I think Summer's gonna want to see this. Magnus, I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I shouldn't have blamed you. Or followed you around all day.

Magnus: Go on.

Dak: That's actually all I was gonna say. So, no hard feelings?

Magnus: How very touching. Too bad the only feelings I have are the hard kind. Axel, didn't I tell you to fix this door?

Axel: Thanks for dropping by.Always a pleasure seeing my former Rescue Mates.

Summer: Well, at least you did the right thing.

Dak: And we helped some dragons, too. Not bad. Now, come on, let's fly home. Whoa! You'd really think I'd be getting used to this by now.

Magnus: An apology. Obviously an attempt to spy on our new invention. Nice try, Rescue Runts. I think we're finally ready to reveal our masterpiece. Axel!

Axel: Sorry.

Magnus: Oh, Magnus.

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