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Summer: "Burple, we have to find out why they were attacking that ship."
Burple: "Okay."
Cutter: "Do we really?"
Leyla: "Yes, we do. Come on! Those were Divewings. They're usually very peaceful dragons, and they like to be left alone. Something must've made them pretty mad to come out of hiding."

"Divewings" is the second episode of the second season of Dragons: Rescue Riders. It was released on February 7, 2020.


When sea-dwelling dragons called Divewings start attacking ships near the island, the Rescue Riders have to find out what's making them so upset.

Major Events


DW - I think we've got everything we need.jpg

The Rescue Riders go to the village of Huttsgalor in order to gather supplies. Burple gets two pumpkins, Dak and Winger get a bag of potatoes, and Cutter collects a basket of apples. While doing the inventory, Dak notices Cutter eating all the apples. The Razorwing claims that the apples were delicious. Burple then notices Elbone and has a sudden appetite for fish.

DW - Come on little guy.jpg

Elbone tells Leyla and Summer that he quit his job as a fisherman and started a new business. Before he could tell Leyla what it was, he is pushed aside by Magnus Finke, who is pushing a wheelbarrow full of metal pieces. Elbone falls into the water, but Winger quickly gets him out. He accidentally drops Rocky and Summer brings it back to him. Elbone then leaves, without telling the Riders his new business.

DW - I thiink you forgot something.jpg

Magnus pushes aside the Riders again, fact which angers Aggro. Dak asks him if he's working on a new invention, to which Magnus tries to hide the answer. However, Axel Finke immediately asks his uncle about the quality of a couple of pieces he collected for their invention. Magnus rejects all of them and asks Axel to leave the shopping to him. They prepare to leave, but Dak turns his attention to the mess he left behind. Dak urges Magnus to clean up, but the man suggests that the "Refues Riders" should do it. Duggard the Decisive intervenes and persuades Magnus into cleaning up. Still, Magnus passes the task to Axel.

DW - We just want to.jpg

The Rescue Riders prepare to return to The Roost, but just then Cutter sees two dragons attacking a Viking ship. Leyla is shocked, so she flies to the sailors' rescue along with her team. Winger, Burple, Cutter, and Aggro get the men to safety, while Leyla and Summer directly confront the aquatic dragons. They chase them out of the water and ask them why they attacked the ship. The dragons are surprised that Leyla can speak their language, but refuse to talk and fly away. The Rescue Riders follow them, but soon lose sight of them. Leyla identifies the dragons as Divewings and claims that it is odd for then to behave like that.

DW - Heading into a cave.jpg

The Riders find a whirlpool created by the Divewings and assume the dragons went inside. Leyla and Summer dive into the water, while the others wait for them at the surface. Summer is disoriented at first by the current inside the whirlpool, but manages to stay in it. She and Leyla end up in a cave, where they are thrown out of the water. Looking around, they wonder where they are. Fathom and Gill emerge from behind some rocks and growl at them.

DW - I think you guys need to come.jpg

At the surface, Aggro worries that Leyla and Summer were inside for too long. Cutter suggests that Winger should go after them, since he is the fastest. Just as Winger prepares to dive, Leyla and Summer emerge from the water. Dak is relieved that his sister is safe and Leyla asks all the Riders to come inside the cave. She explains that they don't need to swim, as the whirlpool will get them where they need to go. The Rescue Riders take a deep breath each and dive into the water, letting themselves guided by the currents.

DW - We're going to keep.jpg

Upon entering the cave, the Rescue Riders notice giant piles of trash. The Divewings, Fathom and Gill explain that someone from Huttsgalor had thrown litter into the ocean, which ended up in their nest, endangering their eggs. Leyla and Dak apologise in the name of all Huttsgalorians. Leyla offers to help clean up the nest, while Dak wants to find out who was responsible for the mess. Fathom accepts, and according them one day. As Dak prepares to leave, Summer insists on going with him, so that Winger could stay and help cleaning. Dak agrees and jumps on Summer, leaving the nest with Cutter and Aggro.

DW - You guys are kidding right.jpg

Outside, Cutter gets sick from spinning inside the whirlpool and throws up. Aggro suggests that Hannahr might be responsible, but Dak believes the culprit is Magnus, who doesn't care about the trash he leaves behind. The group goes to Magnus' house where they confront him and Axel. However, Magnus claims that he didn't pollute the ocean and that he throws all his trash in the backyard. Yet, when he checks it, the pile of garbage is gone, so he asks Axel what happened to it. Axel fails to find an explanation, so Dak assumes it was clearly Magnus' fault. He decides to watch him for the rest of the day, in order to make sure he doesn't throw anymore trash into the ocean.

DW - It's okay.jpg

Inside the Divewings' nest, Leyla, Winger, and Burple help Fathom and Gill gather all the trash in one place. Leyla gets close to Fathom's eggs, so she angrily growls at her. Leyla reassures the mother that she won't hurt the eggs, and that she only wants to help. Fathom admits that it was a new experience for her to let strangers inside her nest, and accepts the idea. The Rescue Riders finish cleaning, and Gill realises that it is much better. Fathom starts to think that humans are not as bad as she thought and thanks the Rescue Riders for their help.

DW - Axel and Magnus heading home.jpg

Meanwhile, Dak, Summer, Cutter, and Aggro stalk Magnus and Axel, while the latter two gather more pieces for the invention. Magnus is annoyed by the behaviour and snaps at the Riders. Realising there's nothing he can do about them, he decides to return home. Dak happily states that they succeeded in their mission, and that Magnus will no longer throw trash into the ocean. The group returns to the whirlpool, where the others were waiting for them.

DW - It wasn't Magnus.jpg

Just then, Gill notices a large amount of trash floating on the ocean towards the whirlpool. Dak and Leyla are confused, not knowing where the trash was coming from. Fathom feels betrayed and accuses the Rescue Riders of lying. Dak and Summer fly off to find the source of the pollution and, much to their surprise, they discover that Elbone was the one littering all along. They land on his ship, and Dak tries to stop him, explaining that the trash was threatening a dragon nest.

DW - The net grabbing trash.jpg

Suddenly, Fathom and Gill start attacking the boat in an attempt to sink it. Dak stops them and tells them that they should focus on stopping the trash instead of attacking Elbone. Dak then comes up with the idea of using fishing nets to collect all the litter in a short time. With the help of Summer, Fathom, and Gill, Dak moves Elbone's boat in front of the coming trash and throws multiple nets in the water. Helped by Elbone, Dak manages to collect all but one piece of garbage. Dak jumps on Summer, who flies toward the last piece, and the boy grabs it just before it could fall in the whirlpool.

DW - We should take it to Hannahr.jpg

Returning to the village, Elbone apologises to the Divewings for endangering their nest and promises to not repeat the mistake. Fathom forgives him and finally realises that humans aren't the antagonists she believed them to be. She bids farewell to the Rescue Riders and return to her nest with Gill. Wondering what to do with the pile of trash, Leyla proposes taking it to Hannahr, so that she could re-use it. Elbone accepts the idea and names it recycling, after which he leaves to do the task. Dak admits that he has one last thing to do, asking Summer to come with him.

DW - That's actually all I was going.jpg

The Rescue Riders go to Magnus' house, where Dak apologises to the man for accusing him and following him around. Magnus scoffs at the idea of an apology and closes his door violently. The door breaks, so Magnus tells Axel to fix it. The Rescue Riders leave, happy that they saved the Divewings. When they are out of earshot, Magnus tells Axel that they actually wanted to spy on his latest invention, the Mechano-Dragon. He states that they can soon reveal it, laughing maniacally.




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  • Dak and Leyla switching partner dragons is a reference to what Snotlout and Astrid did in "A Tale of Two Dragons".

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