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Those were Divewings. They're usually very peaceful dragons and they like to be left alone. [src]

The Divewing is a medium-sized dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders.

Physical Appearance


DW - Divewing eggs.jpg

Divewing eggs are small and round with a smooth surface. They are pure white with no patterns on them.

Hatchling to Adult

Divewings are bipedal dragons with two arms that are quite short compared to their bodies and two wings on the back. They have fish-like tails on the end of the tails and orange freckles on the sides of their faces. Unlike most dragons, Divewings have physical differences between genders. The males have spots and strips on their backs with their canine fangs showing out. The females have no spots and strips on their backs, except on the legs, and fins on the head. Additionally, the females have a crest on their head, which ends at the base if their neck, helping them while swimming.


Water Breath

Divewings are able to breathe high-powered jets of water. They are able to control the power in their blasts, which ranges from small warning shots to powerful streams that can sink an entire boat.

Strength and Combat

By hitting head-first, while swimming at high speed, Divewings are able to move or even sink a large boat. Two Divewings were shown to be able to pull a boat relatively fast, albeit helped by a young Fastfin.

Divewings' main type of attack is hitting enemies with their large heads. A Divewing can throw large pieces of metal with its tail at high speed, with no difficulties.

Speed and Agility

Divewings are very fast swimmers and flyers. They appear to be faster and more nimble than other aquatic dragons, such as the Fastfin. Divewings are also able to outfly a group of dragons, one of them being a Swiftwing.


DW - A whirlpool in the middle of the ocean.jpg

Through unmentioned methods, Divewings are able to create whirlpools as tunnels to their underwater nests. They use the whirlpools to travel underwater at high speeds. The whirpools appear to be permanent and independent of water currents.

Behavior and Personality

Divewings are very protective of their eggs and are willing to attack those responsible for endangering them. Divewings are solitary dragons and prefer to be left alone, which is why they build their nests in underwater caves.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 2

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In "Divewings", the Rescue Riders defend a viking ship from two Divewings, Fathom and Gill. The Riders follow them to an underwater cave, where they discover the Divewings' nest and eggs, threatened by trash thrown into the ocean. Leyla, Winger, and Burple help the Divewings clean their nest. Upon finishing, they noticed more floating trash endangering the nest. Fathom and Gill set to attack the person responsible for the disaster, who turned out to be Elbone. Fortunately, Dak convinced them to work together and use fishing nets to catch the litter. Later, Fathom and Gill forgave Elbone and thanked the Rescue Riders for their help before returning to their nest.


  • Divewings appear to have line-markings or slits on their necks behind their jaws. This is suggestive of these dragons having gills, although this has not been confirmed.

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