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Defenders of the Wing Weapons are various weapons used by the Defenders of the Wing tribe.



Most of the Defenders of the Wing, including their leader, Mala, carry long, thin swords, resembling katanas, a type of Japanese swords. It appears that they are the main weapon of the tribe.


The Defenders of the Wing use wooden dart throwers to tranquilize their enemies. The throwers have two ends: one that is a simple tube through which a person blows and another that has the model of a dragon head. The darts seem to be simple straight needles, with a lot of feathers around them. Although it is unknown what substance is used for the darts, it is very effective, for it makes the victims pass out instantly.


The Defenders of the Wing use long spears for combat. They have a wooden handle and a metallic hook at one end. The hook is curbed in such a way that it would be impossible to be taken out of the victim, after it has been impaled.

Bow and Arrow

In addition to their dart throwers, the Defenders of the Wing also use bow and arrows, which makes them really good archers. The bows are wooden with metal spikes on them. The arrows have a classic model: they are long and straight, with a metal triangle on one end and a few feathers on the other.


  • Unlike all previously encountered tribes, the Defenders of the Wing don't seem to be based on Vikings and are rather designed as an Asian civilization, with a lot of Chinese and Japanese elements in their clothing, weaponry, and architecture.


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