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Spitelout, we finally have a Singetail dragon that I can take a real close look at. See if I can find a weakness. Something we can exploit the next time the Flyers attack. [src]
  — Hiccup  

Deathlout is a male Singetail who first appeared in the Dragons: Race to the Edge episode, "The Wings of War, Part 2".

Official Description

Deathlout was discovered - but certainly never trained - by Spitelout. He was instrumental in defeating the Dragon Flyers and freeing the Singetails.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  
Although not the most dangerous Singetail to be found on Singetail Island, Deathlout is incredibly aggressive and voraciously hungry. Any creature with even a hint of edibility that enters his territory runs the risk of becoming a snack. Deathlout is usually in such a hurry to eat, he will try to cook and swallow his meals at the same time; a habit that has led to him nearly choking to death on more than one occasion.

The stubborn Dragon, however, has not learned from these chokings and can be found swallowing whole yaks at a time without a single bite of chewing. The indigestion that results from this practice makes Deathlout colicky, and this colic in turn, makes him cranky and hungry at all times. Spitelout, observing this cycle, once tried to explain to the Dragon the need for proper chewing, but only got a face full of flames for his trouble.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  


Captured by Spitelout

When Hiccup and Toothless go to Storehouse Island to learn more about Singetails, they got separated while fighting one. Hiccup meets Spitelout who was there for revenge along with his dragon, Kingstail. Spitelout introduces the Singetails to Hiccup, with the last one being Deathlout who was fighting Toothless. While Hiccup gets to Toothless, Spitelout hits Deathlout with a rock, making the dragon follow him. Spitelout leads the Singetail into a trap, catching it in a net, and, instead of killing it for burning down his Storehouse, he is content to let it stay in the trap.

Hiccup then suggests studying Deathlout, so he could find anything that might be useful when battling the Dragon Flyers. However, Deathlout makes a distress fire signal and more Singetails come to help him, chasing Hiccup and Spitelout away.

Later, Hiccup comes up with a plan: Deathlout creates another distress fire signal, making all of the Dragon Flyers' Singetails come to his rescue. Hiccup, with the help of Spitelout and Gustav, frees the Singetails from their riders. Then, the Singetails free Deathlout and they all fly away, presumably back to Storehouse Island.

Physical Appearance

Deathlout is a green Singetail with scaly brown spots on his body. He is covered in many purple scars from past battles.


Like most Singetails, Deathlout is very aggressive, attacking anyone who approaches him.


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