Death Song Serenade is the song the Dragon Riders sing in an attempt to prevent the Death Song from eating them in Tone Death.


Tuffnut: (From the Death Song's Mouth) Oh Death Song! Oh Death Song! You're big and bad and you kill a lot and you spit out goo that looks like snot! (The Death Song is not amused, and shakes Tuffnut in his mouth.) Help!

Snotlout: Ooh, it's a scary scary bad dragon! He's gonna kill us all! He's gonna kill us! (The Death Song continues to shake Tuffnut.) I hope he doesn't! I hope he leaves soon!

Ruffnut: (In a normal voice.) Hey, that doesn't rhyme!

Snotlout: (In a normal voice.) Oh, like it knows! (Tuffnut screams in the background.) [The Death Song roars melodically, dropping Tuffnut. It looks at Snotlout.] Aah! Okay, sorry! (Goes back to singing.) The hotness of your goo gives me déjà vu!

Ruffnut: (In a normal voice.) Yep, that's it! Much better!

Astrid: The beauty of your wings makes us all want to sing! (The Death Song is beginning to calm down.)

Fishlegs: Want to sing!

Heather: Want to sing! (The Death Song starts to sing with their rhythm.)

Hiccup: Want to sing! (In a deeper voice...) Want to sing! (In his normal, less deep voice.) Want to sing!

Ruffnut: All of us want to sing your death song! We all want to be like you and growl! (Ends off key, which annoys the Death Song. The Death Song advances towards Ruffnut, causing the Thorston to scream.)

Garffiljorg: [Bonds with the adult Death Song by singing back the Death Songs five note melody.]


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