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My heart tells me that Snaptrappers are deadly predators! Now - if this deadly dragon catches up to you, he'll EAT YOU ALIVE! So you better keep running. [src]
  Ruffnut Thorston  

The Death Race Snaptrapper is a Snaptrapper that was trained by Ruffnut Thorston to participate in the newly created Death Race.


Used in a Death Race

At some point, Ruffnut managed to train this Snaptrapper. Noticing its practical use for her fun and games, she planed to use it as a challenge for her newly created Death Races.

Upon bringing the dragon to Dragon's Edge, Ruffnut summoned the player to be the first tester of the Death Race. In order for the player to win the challenge, they would have to avoid the Snaptrapper for a certain period of time. The player was able to avoid the dragon and complete the race.

Physical Appearance

The Death Race Snaptrapper is representant of its species. It is dark green with yellow spots all over its body.




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