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WANTED: A participant in the very first DEATH RACE. Speak to commissioner Ruffnut when you're ready to run for your life.
  Ruffnut Thorston  

The Death Race is a new sport created by Ruffnut Thorston for the purpose of pranking her brother Tuffnut Thorston.


Upon coming up with the rules for the race, Ruffnut summoned the player to Dragon's Edge in order to test it out. After introducing the player to the Death Race Snaptrapper and explaining the rules, Ruffnut started the race, with the Snaptrapper immediately beginning to chase the player. The player was able to avoid the dragon and win the race.


The only rule of a Death Race is that the Death Race Snaptrapper must be prevented from capturing the runner. The only way to do this is for the runner to simply run away from the dragon and keep away from it for a period of time.



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