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Only that cave wasn't empty! It was chocablock full of - Snaptrappers! I thought I smelled Chocolate - and death!
  Gobber in Burning Midnight  

Death & Chocolates is a group of Snaptrappers who first appeared in the comic, Burning Midnight.

Official Description

These Snaptrappers, who Gobber described as smelling like "chocolate and death", met their match when Stoick and Gobber picked them off like weeds.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Burning Midnight and Dragonvine

Due to its description, Death & Chocolates is one of the Snaptrappers from Gobber's story relating an adventure he and Stoick had. According to Gobber, he and Stoick fought and defeated this dragon in a cave.


Dragons: Rise of Berk

Death & Chocolates first appeared in a Dreadfall event as an exclusive dragon.

Physical Appearance

Death & Chocolates looks like any other Snaptrapper, however it has a darker green color than many of the Snaptrappers seen in the Franchise. It also has brown spots all over its body.





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