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The Deafening Dawnbrawler is a female Hoarsbrumble appearing in the gameDragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Berkian Vikings claim this mighty dragon once shouted a storm out of the sky. While it's doubtful, it's still more believable than Tuffnut's claim that the world is round! That isn't to say the Deafening Dawnbrawler couldn't shout just about anything else out of the heavens, however. Her roar shakes boulders a mile away and the sea ripples in her wake. Although a mighty dragon in her own right, the Deafening Dawnbrawler is a master tactician and relies heavily on her squad when in battle. She's far too intelligent to assume her roaring presence alone could take out a Hunter fleet, and with that in mind, she ensures she provides ample openings for other dragons during combat. With her help, a dragon's true power in battle can be witnessed.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

The Deafening Dawnbrawler's scales are the color of sunstones, while her horns boast an amethyst shade. As a full-grown Titan Wing, she is considerably bigger in size, with barbells extending from the chin and yellow protruding eyeballs.

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