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The Deadly Nadder is a species of dragons found in the book series, and, despite its namesake's popularity in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise, very little is said about it.

Physical Description

Deadly Nadders are long and serpentine, and at least come in the colors of green or purple. Their bodies are so long and rope like, that they can get tangled when sleeping together for winter hibernation. In "How to Train Your Dragon", they have yellow cat-like eyes and ears (presumably this is referring to ear pinna (flaps)).


In A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons, Hiccup reveals that Deadly Nadders can be subdued by rubbing their bellies with the end of a twig of nettle.


How to Train Your Dragon

During his initiation test in Fishlegs tries to capture a Deadly Nadder, but wakes up the entire cave of dragons, forcing the young Vikings to flee for their lives from the Dragon Nursery.

It unfolded it wings to their greatest extent and stealthily advanced, like a panther about to spring."
  How to Train Your Dragon  

How to Be a Pirate

A small, juvenile Deadly Nadder is wandering in the Caliban Caves crying for its mother. However, this dragon is eaten shortly after by a Monstrous Strangulator.

A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons

Deadly Nadders are mentioned in this book when Hiccup is rapidly running through information in his head about how to deal with Poisonous Piffleworms in the Meathead Public Library.



  • In The Incomplete Book of Dragons, another Dragon called the Eight-Legged Nadder appears. Because the Eight-Legged Nadder looks exactly like a Deadly Nadder, has the same stats and has the name 'Nadder', it is possible that they are the same species and that 'Eight-Legged Nadder' is just another name for 'Deadly Nadder'.
  • In the Dragon Rebellion, some Deadly Nadders are shown to fight alongside the Dragon Furious.
  • It is likely that the word, Nadder comes from the word, adder, which means snake and likely named after the snake-like appearance.

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