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David M. V. Jones, also credited as David M. Jones or David Jones, is the Visual Effects Supervisor for Dragons: Riders of Berk, Dragons: Defenders of Berk, Dawn of the Dragon Racers, and Dragons: Race to the Edge. He also writes and directs for Race to the Edge.


David co-founded the Visual Effects Company Rampage VFX with his friend and colleague Pia Odell-Foster in 2010. Unfortunately, the company went under four years later, but he continues to hold a steady presence at the DreamWorks Animation Studios where he continues to work on Race to the Edge and Trollhunters. He won a Monitor Award for his work on Contact in 1998 and was nominated for an Annie Award for his work on Riders of Berk in 2012. He resides in Los Angeles, California.

Some of his notable works include Black Hawk Down, Hairspray, and The Ring.

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