Darkvarg! Me and you, we're friends, right? We have a connection. Fishlegs and Darkvarg. Darkvarg and Fishlegs. [src]
  — Fishlegs  

Darkvarg is an albino Night Swarm who first appeared in "Follow the Leader".

Official Description

Darkvarg was Fishlegs' only ray of hope when the rest of the Night Swarms fought to keep him trapped in their underground lair.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Meeting Fishlegs and Meatlug

Darkvarg and his fellow albino Night Terrors were discovered by Fishlegs Ingerman and Meatlug in "Follow the Leader". Fishlegs was regarded as a leader by the Night Swarms. He named Darkvarg after Smidvarg due to their similar appearance. During that time, Darkvarg became exceptionally close to Fishlegs. When Fishlegs had to leave, the other Night Terrors attempted to stop him and wanted him to stay. However, Darkvarg, sensing Fishlegs' intentions, aided him and finally bid his farewell to Fishlegs.

Saving Fishlegs

When Fishlegs was chased by Krogan, he hid inside a cave, which he recognized as Darvarg's cave. The dragon happily welcomed his former friend. When some Dragon Hunters came in the pursuit of Fishlegs, Darkvarg summoned the other Night Swarms, which attacked the hunters. In the part of the cave with the hole in the roof, Fishlegs tried riding Darkvarg out, but to no success. When the hunters arrived there, Darkvarg tried to defend Fishlegs, but was quickly knocked out by a hunter. After he recovered, he saw Fishlegs leaving with Meatlug and the other riders. Fishlegs thanked him and wished him farewell. Darkvarg stayed in the cave, smiling at Fishlegs.

Physical Appearance

Much like Smidvarg, Darkvarg is a white Night Swarm, with the exception of having red eyes instead of yellow, due to being albino. Unlike the other Night Swarm that live underground, Darkvarg has darker patches on his back. These patches disappear however in "Dawn of Destruction".


At first, Darkvarg was aggresive towards Fishlegs and Meatlug, but calmed down when Fishlegs showed him and the other Night Swarms some pieces of meat. He even searched Fishlegs' bag for more. He bonded with Fishlegs more than the other Night Swarms, which created a connection between them. During the fight between the small dragons and the Dragon Riders, Darkvarg was the only Night Swarm to side with the humans, and helped Fishlegs and the others to escape. Weeks later, when he reunited with Fishlegs, he was very happy to see him and acted like a happy dog. He once again helped Fishlegs and risked his own life while defending him from the Dragon Hunters.



  • It is possible that Darkvarg somehow became the Alpha of the Night Swarms due to his ability to summon his flock to fight off the Dragon Hunters.


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