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Dak: "Know how many times I've tried tricks and fallen off your back?"
Winger: "Four hundred and twelve."
Dak: "Point is, I don't let it get me down. I keep on with the crazy."[src]

Dak is one of the main human protagonists in the series Dragons: Rescue Riders. He is the twin brother of Leyla and a member of the group known as the Rescue Riders. His dragon is a Swiftwing named Winger.


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Physical Appearance

Dak is a young male with bright red hair, and green eyes. He wears a sleeveless tunic that appears to be made of deep blue dragon scales with a dark grey, short-sleeved shirt underneath. Atop his left shoulder is a metal pauldron. Dak also wears leather trousers, fleeced boots, knee guards, and leather arm bands. He has a scar through his right eyebrow.


Dak is creative and resourceful, and can have a tendency to be overconfident. He cares greatly for the dragons and his sister, and is always aiming to do the right thing in the best interest of both. He is highly energetic, and tends to get irritated with slowness. He isn't very good at planning preferring to just take action.

Because of Dak's time in the care of his dragon family, he wishes that he, too, could be a dragon like them. As such, he would attempt to eat raw fish occasionally.

Abilities, Skills, and Talents

Dragon Riding: Dak is an excellent dragon rider, with or without a saddle, due to his dragon mother's teachings.

Bilingualism: Dak is capable of speaking both the Viking language and Dragon fluently, which allows him to communicate with all species of dragons. Being taught the language by a mother dragon at a young age, he is one of the two humans who can speak Dragon.

Athleticism: Dak is limber and great at gymnastic moves such as tumbles and jumping. So good in fact that he can stand perfectly balanced on Winger while in flight or doing barrel rolls.


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Main article: Dak and Leyla's Relationship

Dak has a very close relationship with his twin sister, after they were shipwrecked together and lost their birth parents. They aren't seen fighting often, and after being separated for a while, usually embrace in greeting. They do sometimes tease each other, but more often they are giving each other encouragement and support.

Winger's Mother


Main article: Dak and Winger's Relationship

Winger is Dak's flying dragon and adoptive brother since it was Winger's Mother who rescued him and his sister from a shipwreck when they were very young. They have a deep, trusting relationship similar to what might be expected between brothers.


Despite not interacting much, Dak and Summer get along well. In "Divewings", Dak and Leyla switched dragons, so he had to ride on Summer. Dak had difficulties at first and kept slipping off the saddle, but eventually learned to ride on Summer. They managed to work together in picking up trash from the ocean and saving a Divewing nest.


While Dak likes Aggro and considers her a friend, he has a hard time including her in group activities as she is the Rescue Riders' newest member.


Dak and Cutter are good friends and have known each other for a long time. They often challenge each other in various competitions, with Dak often finding himself to behave more like a dragon than human.


Duggard the Decisive

Main article: Dak, Leyla and Duggard's Relationship

Through Leyla's asking, Duggard immediately accepted them both into his family, as he already considered them like his kin, thus making it official.




Magnus Finke

Dak dislikes Magnus, mostly because the man is always trying to get rid of the Rescue Riders. Dak is prompt to accuse Magnus when something bad happens in the village, even when he has no proof. However, Dak still has a bit of respect for Magnus and will apologize to him if he is wrong.


Ingrid the Intimidating


Dak used to consider Snoop an enemy as he followed along with his cousin Lurke and Vizza to steal food or take over Grumblegard's island. Even when Snoop asked the team for help finding Vizza's babies, Dak felt uncertain, due to the Slinkwings' previous actions. But eventually, he warmed up to Snoop, especially when he saved him and Leyla from the wrath of Lurke and Vizza, and came to accept him as a new friend.



  • The name Dak means "the chosen one". It is of Italian origin, which is odd in terms of the uncommon encounters between Vikings and Italians.

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