Good thing I brought my Armada along, and like a thousand armed Berserkers! [src]
  — Dagur  

Dagur's Armada is a fleet of armed Berserker Ships that escort Dagur the Deranged whenever he travels by sea in Riders of Berk, Defenders of Berk, and Dragons: Race to the Edge.


An Armada is a fleet of armed moving objects, usually ships, which originates from the Spanish term arm ata, meaning "to arm". The first Armadas as they are known today came from India in the 15th century.


The Armada is a fleet of 100 ships belonging to Dagur and the Berserker Tribe. They each have a dragon figurehead on their bow, and a single mast, many with the Berserker Tribe crest; a silhouette of a Skrill dragon; on their sails. Dagur naturally is the commander in chief, but the Armada's captain is Captain Vorg.

The Armada commonly makes an appearance while Dagur is a villain, but ceases to do so once he reforms and turns to riding dragons as his main means of transportation.


Dagur and his Armada first appear in "Twinsanity" when he arrives at Berk as the new Beserker Chief. After giving Stoick an attitude and exhibiting intimidating behavior, Stoick starts to lose his patience and prepares to pull his sword. Gobber however quickly warns Stoick not to threaten Dagur in front of the Armada, and Stoick puts his sword back.

In "The Night and the Fury", the Armada accompanies Dagur to Dragon Island. Though Dagur says he's been on the island for "days, weeks maybe", he appears to be the only one on the island, while all his men stay on the ships. Once Dagur thinks he's got Toothless cornered, he fires a flaming arrow into the air as a signal, to which his men fire many flaming arrows back in response.

In "A View to a Skrill, Part 2", the Armada goes head to head against the Outcast fleet as they fight over the Skrill.

In "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes", Dagur organizes an attack on Berk with his Armada while he knows all the island's metal weapons have been snatched away by Smothering Smokebreaths. But Hiccup out smarts him by baiting the Smokebreaths to the Armada ships with what metal was left, and the dragons end up tearing the metal fixtures off the ships, causing many of them to sink.

In "Have Dragon Will Travel, Part 1" and Part 2, Johann tells Heather that Dagur is preparing to buy new ships for his Armada, equipped with dragon-proof chains and winches. Heather attempts to attack the Armada alone at first, but they capture her until Hiccup rescues her. Later, Heather and the Riders attack again, but are stumped by all the new dragon-proof defenses.

In "Team Astrid", Dagur leads the Armada in an attack against Dragon's Edge, but they're compromised by the Riders and the Auxiliary Team.


  • Armadas as they are depicted in the TV series didn't exist at all until 400 years after the Viking era, and the word itself didn't exist until another 100 years after that.
  • Though none are seen, the word "Armadas" is mentioned by Hiccup at the end of How to Train Your Dragon 2.


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