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D'Angelo Baker is one of the main protaganists in the series Dragons: The Nine Realms. He is the son of ICARIS nurse Angela Baker and Chief of Security Philip Baker. Following the discovery of the existence of Dragons, D’Angelo joined the Dragon Club in its mission to protect the Hidden World as both its third member and veterinary expert. His dragon is a Gembreaker named Plowhorn.


Early Life

D'Angelo is son of two former military soldiers (Philip and Angela), leading him to grow up to always follow and rules. He also had spent time with grandfather, who was a veterinarian, and learned many veterinarian skills to treat injured wildlife.

Physical Appearance

D'Angelo is a teenager of African American descent with a stocky build, black hair styled into a flattop, and brown eyes. He wears a dark green vest with multiple pockets and a Ranger Soldier badge on the right hand side, over a light green T-shirt, blue jeans, and black boots. He wears a watch on his left wrist and military style dog tags around his neck.


Unlike Tom, D'Angelo is a stickler for the rules, always following them as he feels it is the best course of action. This includes following orders from the adults without question and always arriving on time to class and the other tasks assigned to him. Because of this, D’Angelo occasionally speaks in a military jargon and tends to act like he is a cadet at boot camp rather than a research station. D’Angelo was also shown to have a low opinion of other kids who often broke the rules at ICARIS, namely Tom, viewing such kids as troublemakers and not good to be around. This strictness and sense of commitment likely stems from being raised by his parents, who are former soldiers.

Despite this by-the-book behavior, D’Angelo is fun-loving and kind, as he seemed to be the most interested in befriending the other kids at ICARIS upon arrival. When Alex ignored his attempts to be friends with her and the other kids didn’t seem to show much interest in befriending him either, D’Angelo was hurt and saddened by this, confessing to his mother how he had hoped that coming to ICARIS would give him the chance to have friends. His sadness over this was so great that he deemed coming to ICARIS a failed experience and seemed fairly miserable outside the presence of others. This implies that D’Angelo was, in truth, a very lonely individual prior to joining the Dragon Club who yearned for the chance to form bonds with others.

Despite his strictness, D’Angelo is willing to break the rules if he feels it is necessary. As a veterinarian D’Angelo holds great compassion towards animals that are injured or sick, so much so that he was willing to break his father’s rules and safety protocols in order to help what he thought was an injured lizard. His selfless and caring side was shown again when he risked his own life to help Plowhorn when she was in danger.

Initially, upon first encountering them, D’Angelo was terrified of the dragons and wanted to expose them. This changed, however, after treating and befriending Plowhorn, whom he developed a strong bond with. After this, D’Angelo came to see the beauty in dragons and joined Tom and Jun in protecting the Hidden World from any human threats. Like all the other members of Dragon Club, D’Angelo considers it his duty to guard the existence of the dragons and shield them from any dangers that threaten them. In performing this duty, he has shown himself to be increasingly courageous, as he is willing to undertake increasingly dangerous tasks to help his friends in protecting the Dragons and Hidden World.

D’Angelo has shown himself to be a poor liar and has immense trouble in keeping secrets, especially from his parents. His nervousness in keeping secrets often manifests in the forms of awkward laughter, visible distress, and blurting out revealing words carelessly. The night following his joining into Dragon Club, D’Angelo carelessly told his parents about the existence of the dragons without thinking, revealing the secret of the Hidden World, though fortunately his parents didn’t believe him, thinking that he was talking about a role playing game. This has caused his friends, especially Tom, to doubt his ability in keeping the dragons a secret.

D’Angelo is shown to have a very strong bond with his dragon Plowhorn. Very similar to the relationship the Berkian Dragon Rider Fishlegs Ingerman had with his Gronkle Meatlug, D’Angelo is extremely doting towards Plowhorn and is often greatly worried about her safety when she is in danger. When the Fault Ripper’s earthquakes made it too dangerous for the dragons to keep living in the lair, D’Angelo and the other riders were willing to send their dragons back to the Hidden World in order to ensure their safety, despite the risk of never seeing them again. This further demonstrates D’Angelo’s selfless side, as he is willing to sacrifice his own happiness for the well-being of his dragon

Like his friend Alex, D’Angelo initially possessed a fear of heights, though he overcame this entirely after bonding with Plowhorn. After this, D’Angelo no longer possesses any fear of flying and is shown to enjoy riding on his dragon through the air.

Abilities, Talents, and Skills

  • Veterinary skills: D'Angelo is a skilled veterinarian, with high knowledge of how to gain an animal's trust and treat its injuries. Gained by helping his Grandfather, who is a veterinarian.
  • Dragon riding: D'Angelo is a capable dragon rider, working well with Plowhorn despite knowing her for less then an hour.
  • Physical Prowess: D'Angelo has great physical capabilities, easily climbing along the bottom of a platform.


Philip Baker

D'Angelo loves and respects his father, sometimes a little too much. He does not seem very mature or even smart when it comes to his father, often following his rules with little to no question and sticking to them without ever questioning them. He is also completely unable to hide secrets from his father, sometimes letting them out without even realizing, as is shown when he goes into detail about the events of his day taming and riding Plowhorn and battling the other Gembreakers, only realizing his mistake after he's blurted everything out.

Angela Baker

D’Angelo being comforted by his mother.

D'Angelo is close to his mother. Whenever D’Angelo is sad he seems to turn to his mother for comfort and advice, as seen when he expressed his disappointment over initially being unable to make friends with the other kids at ICARIS. Angela is always willing to help her son with his problems and to cheer him up when he feels saddened.


D’Angelo with Plowhorn.

At first, D'Angelo was hesitant to treat the injured Gembreaker, but after some convincing from Tom and Jun, he treats her and the two bond with each other. When the Gembreaker bullies attacked Tom, Jun, Thunder and Wu and Wei, D'Angelo and Plowhorn worked together to break a large crystal to fall straight to the bullies, making them flee soon after. With this, their bond grew stronger to the point where he gave her her name and she accepted him as her rider. D’Angelo possesses an extremely close bond with Plowhorn, being very doting and protective towards her.

When the earthquakes caused by the Fault Ripper were threatening the dragons' cave, causing some parts to collapse, D'Angelo was very worried for Plowhorn's safety and was greatly relieved to see that she was safe. Like the others, D'Angelo had Plowhorn sent to the Hidden World out of fear for her safety from the continuing quakes, showing that is willing to sacrifice his own happiness for Plowhorn's wellbeing, and told her to watch herself because she is sometimes too nice for this "crazy" world, showing how much he cares for Plowhorn. After being reunited with Plowhorn, they worked together with their friends to defeat the Fault Ripper.

Tom Kullersen

D’Angelo hugs Tom.png

At first, D'Angelo was distrusting of Tom, due to his father telling him of Tom's recklessness and disobedience issues. Tom, in turn, was skeptical about D'Angelo, as he felt that less people knowing about the dragons would be better. However, when faced with the dilemma of a hurt Gembreaker, Jun convinced him to reveal the secret to D'Angelo due to his skills in treating injured animals. Initially, after learning the truth about the dragons, D'Angelo was uncooperative and wanted to expose Tom, Jun, and the dragons, though he reluctantly changed his mind out of a desire to help the Gembreaker. This strenghted Tom's skepticism of D'Angelo, but after seeing him treat Plowhorn's injuries, he quickly warmed up to him and welcomed him into the Dragon Club. D'Angelo happily accepted the invitation with a hug, to Tom's discomfort. After this, the two formed a strong friendship with each other, which has grown over time, to the point where D'Angelo seems to acknowledge Tom as the leader of the group and having no problem taking orders from him in battle.

Jun Wong

D'Angelo and Jun are close friends.

Alexandra Gonzalez

After noticing Tom and Jun hanging out a lot, D'Angelo attempted to form a bond with Alex instead, but was irritated over her silence and refusing to look up from her tablet. When she talks about scientific details, and her opinion on what would happen if it were discovered that Dragons actually existed, he admits he likes her best when she's quiet. However, Alex and D'Angelo become close after she had found out about the dragons, in fact, D'Angelo commented about how Alex was coming out of her shell, with a smile on his face. He also seems to have a protective side over her, as when he feared she would get eaten by Feathers, and after sending their dragons back to the Hidden World, D'Angelo can be seen helping Alex to get out of the cave.


At first, D'Angelo was terrified of Thunder and wanted to expose him and Wu and Wei, however, after bonding with Plowhorn, he came to good terms with Thunder.

Wu and Wei

At first, D'Angelo was terrified of Wu and Wei and wanted to expose him and Thunder, however, after bonding with Plowhorn, he came to good terms with Wu and Wei.


When Feathers first entered Alex's home dome, D'Angelo, along with Tom, tried to catch the Dragon, only causing her to panic, knocking things off shelving, etc.



  • D’Angelo is the first of the main characters in “Dragons: The Nine Realms” to be absent from an episode. (A Hole New World)
  • According to Jun, the tarot card associated with D’Angelo is a “knight of swords”, meaning that he worries too much. This ties into his worrying nature and his difficulties in keeping secrets.
  • D’Angelo is thus far the only member of the Dragon Club whose father has been introduced.
  • It was confirmed in the episode “Uniconned” that D’Angelo is an only child.

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