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D'Angelo Baker is one of the main protagonists in the series Dragons: The Nine Realms. He is the son of Angela and Philip Baker. He joins the Dragon Club as its third member and its Veterinary Expert to guard the existence of dragons and the Hidden World in which they live from the entire world. His dragon is a Gembreaker named Plowhorn.

Official Description[]

The son of an ex-soldier who leads security at the lab, D'Angelo is good-natured but very disciplined and fearful of disappointing his parents. He is the goofy, exuberant heart of the team — eager, outgoing, competitive and always down for a new adventure. Even in the most tense situations, D'Angelo's playful jokes will lighten the mood, but he has a real passion for rules – don’t worry, he'll print you a copy of the handbook!

While eternally positive, D'Angelo is also ultra-competitive, often goading Tom into competing with him over everything. With a keen interest in veterinary medicine, he quickly becomes the group's de-facto 'Dragon Doctor'.


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Physical Appearance[]

D'Angelo is a teenager of African American descent with a stocky build, black hair styled into a flattop, and brown eyes. He wears a dark green vest with multiple pockets and a Ranger Soldier badge on the right hand side, over a light green T-shirt, blue jeans, and black boots. He wears a watch on his left wrist and military style dog tags around his neck.

In "Ride or Die", he briefly wears a pair of camouflage swim trunks.

D'Angelo's Fire Suit and helmet are brown with green scales with his underclothes being camouflage green. His helmet has an aqua green Gembreaker symbol on it.


Unlike Tom, D'Angelo is a stickler for the rules, always following them as he feels it is the best course of action. This includes following orders from the adults without question and always arriving on time to class and the other tasks assigned to him. Because of this, D'Angelo occasionally speaks in a military jargon and tends to act like he is a cadet at boot camp rather than a research station. D'Angelo was also shown to have a low opinion of other kids who often broke the rules at ICARIS, namely Tom, viewing such kids as troublemakers and not good to be around. This strictness and sense of commitment likely stems from being raised by his parents, who are former soldiers.

Despite this by-the-book behavior, D'Angelo is fun-loving and kind, as he seemed to be the most interested in befriending the other kids at ICARIS upon arrival. When Alex ignored his attempts to be friends with her and the other kids didn't seem to show much interest in befriending him either, D'Angelo was hurt and saddened by this, confessing to his mother how he had hoped that coming to ICARIS would give him the chance to have friends. His sadness over this was so great that he deemed coming to ICARIS a failed experience and seemed fairly miserable outside the presence of others. This implies that D'Angelo was, in truth, a very lonely individual prior to joining the Dragon Club who yearned for the chance to form bonds with others.

Despite his strictness, D'Angelo is willing to break the rules if he feels it is necessary. As a veterinarian, D'Angelo holds great compassion towards animals that are injured or sick, so much so that he was willing to break his father's rules and safety protocols in order to help what he thought was an injured lizard. His selfless and caring side was shown again when he risked his own life to help Plowhorn when she was in danger.

Initially, upon first encountering them, D'Angelo was terrified of the dragons and wanted to expose them. This changed, however, after treating and befriending Plowhorn, whom he developed a strong bond with. After this, D'Angelo came to see the beauty in dragons and joined Tom and Jun in protecting the Hidden World from any human threats. Like all the other members of Dragon Club, D'Angelo considers it his duty to guard the existence of the dragons and shield them from any dangers that threaten them. In performing this duty, he has shown himself to be increasingly courageous, as he is willing to undertake increasingly dangerous tasks to help his friends in protecting the Dragons and Hidden World.

D'Angelo has shown himself to be a poor liar and has immense trouble in keeping secrets, especially from his parents. His nervousness in keeping secrets often manifests in the forms of awkward laughter, visible distress, and blurting out revealing words carelessly. The night following his joining into Dragon Club, D'Angelo carelessly told his parents about the existence of the dragons without thinking, revealing the secret of the Hidden World, though fortunately his parents didn't believe him, thinking that he was talking about a role playing game. This has caused his friends, especially Tom, to doubt his ability in keeping the dragons a secret.

D'Angelo is shown to have a very strong bond with his dragon Plowhorn. D'Angelo is extremely doting towards Plowhorn and is often greatly worried about her safety when she is in danger. When the Fault Ripper's earthquakes made it too dangerous for the dragons to keep living in the lair, D'Angelo and the other riders were willing to send their dragons back to the Hidden World in order to ensure their safety, despite the risk of never seeing them again. This further demonstrates D'Angelo's selfless side, as he is willing to sacrifice his own happiness for the well-being of his dragon.

Like his friend Alex, D'Angelo initially possessed a fear of heights, though he overcame this entirely after bonding with Plowhorn. After this, D'Angelo no longer possesses any fear of flying and is shown to enjoy riding on his dragon through the air.

In "Barrel of Vine Tails", it is shown that he can be quite possessive of things valuable to him and unwilling to share with others, like his grandparents' homemade haystacks. He eventually overcomes that by the end of the episode and finally allows the others to eat a haystack.

Abilities, Talents, and Skills[]

  • Veterinary skills: D'Angelo is a skilled veterinarian, with high knowledge of how to gain an animal's trust and treat its injuries. Gained by helping his Grandfather, who is a veterinarian.
  • Dragon riding: D'Angelo is a capable dragon rider, working well with Plowhorn despite knowing her for less then an hour.
  • Physical Prowess: D'Angelo has great physical capabilities, easily climbing along the bottom of a platform.
  • Animal Knowledge: Despite knowing how to treat an animal's wounds and injuries D'Angelo also posses a high knowledge about a creature's anatomy or their behavioural traits.
  • Machine Operation: D'Angelo also is skilled and knows how to handle and understand heavy duty equipment like winches and knows how to use large vehicle machinery like cranes and undersea vehicles.
  • Steady Precision: As stated and shown when rescuing the Octofin, D'Angelo claims he's good at the claw machine meaning he knows how to handle a job which requires precision.
  • Biology Knowledge: Despite knowing a lot about animals D'Angelo also understands the basic knowledge of the anatomy of how a person's body works and how oxygen helps living organisms breathe.


Philip Baker[]

D'Angelo loves and respects his father, sometimes a little too much. He does not seem very mature or even smart when it comes to his father, often following his rules with little to no question and sticking to them without ever questioning them. He is also completely unable to hide secrets from his father, sometimes letting them out without even realizing, as is shown when he goes into detail about the events of his day taming and riding Plowhorn and battling the other Gembreakers, only realizing his mistake after he's blurted everything out.

D'Angelo often works hard to please his father, and is left deeply saddened whenever he is disappointed or upset with him. During "The Tangled Web", Philip was left furious with his son when he and Tom nearly got hurt while disobeying the stationss safety procedures, leaving D'Angelo deeply hurt, which also briefly threatened his friendship with Tom. Despite this, the two were able to make amends and repaired their father-son relationship. During this discussion, when Philip voiced his disapproval of his son's friendship with Tom, D'Angelo stood up for his friend, which further earned Philip's respect and allowed them to continue to see each other.

In "Deep Freeze", when Phil almost plummeted into the Fissure upon being scared by the appearance of Wu and Wei, D'Angelo and his dragon saved him and he was left slightly startled upon seeing a real dragon, but also relieved to be rescued. D'Angelo also mentioned to his dad and all Rakke Corp workers that they have rules about not telling anyone outside of ICARIS about what they discover, including dragons, which shows Phil that his son is well aware of the rules in the area.

In "Hobs and Saw", Phil threatens to shut down D'Angelo's new dragon hospital due to the threat of Buzzsaw, and because he didn't like how his son was more focused on wanting to be an animal doctor over an army veteran. This caused tensions to rise between them. When they were pursued by a Speed Stinger in the Ice Realm, they hid and talked about their problems. Phil claimed he wanted D'Angelo to be a soldier so he could make a difference wear and a badge for honor. But D expressed his frustration to his dad claiming that he loves being a dragon doctor and it's what he's good at. Seeing Hobs save his life and his son take care of the injured stinger after he tried to hurt them, Phil realized how important caring for these dragons is and decided to let the dragon hospital continue as well as keep Hobs as a lookout dragon and friend.

Angela Baker[]


D'Angelo being comforted by his mother

D'Angelo possesses a very close relationship with his mother. Prior to coming to ICARIS, Angela taught D'Angelo about first aid training and veterinary techniques, which he has often used to help injured dragons (originally without her knowledge). Whenever D'Angelo is sad, he seems to turn to his mother for comfort and advice, as seen when he expressed his disappointment over initially being unable to make friends with the other kids at ICARIS. Angela is always willing to help her son with his problems and to cheer him up when he feels saddened. She saw her son riding on his Dragon Plowhorn for the first time when she saved her husband from falling to his death, and while she was slightly confused about this, she was still relieved to see Phil was okay. After knowing the secret of dragons, she was quick to see how special they were and loved having them around, including Hobgobbler Hobs.


Main article: D'Angelo and Plowhorn's Relationship

Despite their close bond, Plowhorn is often annoyed by D'Angelo's antics and when he attempts to take command of the group without considering the advice of others. This has caused her to at times ignore his commands and even mock him, much to his embarrassment. Still, he shows such great love to her through every adventure, even when something goes wrong.

Tom Kullersen[]

D’Angelo hugs Tom

At first, D'Angelo was distrusting of Tom, due to his father telling him of Tom's recklessness and disobedience issues. Tom, in turn, was skeptical about D'Angelo, as he felt that less people knowing about the dragons would be better. However, when faced with the dilemma of a hurt Gembreaker, Jun convinced him to reveal the secret to D'Angelo due to his skills in treating injured animals. Initially, after learning the truth about the dragons, D'Angelo was uncooperative and wanted to expose Tom, Jun, and the dragons, though he reluctantly changed his mind out of a desire to help the Gembreaker. This strenghted Tom's skepticism of D'Angelo, but after seeing him treat Plowhorn's injuries, he quickly warmed up to him and welcomed him into the Dragon Club. D'Angelo happily accepted the invitation with a hug, to Tom's discomfort. After this, the two formed a strong friendship with each other, which has grown over time, to the point where D'Angelo seems to acknowledge Tom as the leader of the group and having no problem taking orders from him in battle.

Their friendship has been tested, however, numerous times, often due to Tom's impulsiveness and lone-wolf tendencies. In "The Tangled Web", D'Angelo and Tom's friendship was nearly destroyed, when Tom's impulsiveness landed them both in trouble with D'Angelo's father Philip, during which D'Angelo was harshly scolded. This caused a brief rift between them, resulting in continued arguments. Fortunately, their friendship was fully restored when the two had to work together to save Alex and Jun from a pack of Spiderwing dragons. Following this, D'Angelo stood up for Tom when confronting his father, acknowledging that he Tom are true friends despite their occasional differences. Their friendship was later tested again, however, when D'Angelo's trust in Tom was shaken when it was revealed he was keeping secrets from the other riders regarding the symbol on his helmet, though their friendship was once again restored when they and others worked together to defeat Thunder's Nemesis in the Hidden World.

Jun Wong[]

D'Angelo first met Jun during the orientation for classes at ICARIS. While they were conversational at first, Jun attentions began to shift towards Tom, causing D'Angelo to become lonely when no one else seemed to want to befriend him. Their relationship improved, however, in "Dragon Club" when D'Angelo caught Jun and Tom sneaking around the infirmary for medical equipment. Unlike Tom, Jun was open into letting D'Angelo into their new dragon rider organization, leading to his eventual initiation into the group. Though D'Angelo initially wanted to expose Jun and Tom and their dragons, his bonding with Plowhorn caused him to have a change of heart, leading to him joking about the Dragon Club and becoming good friends with Jun. Since then, they have become close friends and work alongside each other and the others in protecting the Hidden World.

Despite their close friendship, they do have their differences, as Jun is often annoyed with D'Angelo's antics and feels that he "worries too much" on just about everything. She is also occasionally annoyed whenever he tries to be the leader of the group, and is unafraid of pointing out his leadership flaws. D'Angelo, meanwhile, doesn't appreciate it when Jun teaches Plowhorn circus tricks behind his back. Despite this, they work well together and have formed a strong bond of trust.

Alexandra Gonzalez[]

D'Angelo's relationship with Alex was initially cold and distant. Despite attending classes together, Alex preferred to keep to herself and often ignored D'Angelo whenever he attempted to be friends with her, leaving him saddened and feeling lonely. However, Alex and D'Angelo became close after she had found out about the dragons and joined the Dragon Club, with D'Angelo happily commenting about how Alex was coming out of her shell. Since her joining of the Club, D'Angelo and Alex have become very close friends despite their opposite personalities. During most situations when the Dragon Club members are separated, D'Angelo and Alex are usually paired with each other, during which they have been shown to work well together as a team and show great camaraderie when in battle, like when they were left in the lair while Tom and Jun explored the fire realm, and they had to stop Dr. Sledkin and her miners from digging into the entrance of the hidden world, where Feathers tricked them into thinking the cave was haunted, and Alex and D'Angelo enjoyed a laugh together.

The have been shown to be quite playful with each other, though Alex is often teasing towards D'Angelo, usually to his discomfort. She is also not above criticizing him when she feels necessary. Out of all the Club's members, Alex is the most annoyed by D'Angelo's antics, while also pointing out his flaws whenever he tries to "take command" of the Club during their adventures.

In "Dr. Catastrophe", when D'Angelo almost quit the team, Alex was shown to comfort him and give him encouragement to make things right after his mistake of feeding Catastrophic Quaken eggs to a trio of lost fire Gronckles.

Eugene Wong[]

When Eugene first arrived at ICARIS, D'Angelo initially had little contact with him, though he seemed to have a negative opinion of his teammate's brother, being aware of his true immature personality as opposed to the kind façade he usually presented to the adults at ICARIS. When Jun revealed that Eugene learned the truth about dragons, he was deeply worried of him revealing the secret, which he indeed tried to do. Thus, despite not directly interacting with each other during this time, Eugene briefly became an enemy of D'Angelo and the other riders. When Eugene finally discovered the Club's lair and threatened to expose their secret unless they taught him how to train a dragon, D'Angelo was very skeptical of Eugene's potential for a rider and continuously doubted him while he was trying to bond with one. Despite this, D'Angelo's views of Eugene soon changed after he bonded with Webmaster and proved that he was indeed capable of being a rider. This impression grew after Eugene and Webmaster saved the Magma Breather's life through the the former's newly revealed talent for strategy. Since then, D'Angelo has come to accept Eugene as both a friend and fellow rider, even willing to take orders from him when the situation calls for it. Despite this, he is very much annoyed by Eugene's pranks and will criticize him for it.

They have gone together on some missions to taking care of dragons, and they do sometimes get at each other's throats, but have come to see each other's points of view on things. Like when they went to search for Linda in "Deep Freeze" when she got stranded on the road in the cold, Eugene invented the idea of giving Plowhorn and Webmaster flashlights to put on their horns like headlights, and D'Angelo admitted it was a pretty good idea.

In "Break in Case of Emergency", when they got stuck in the Hangar while their parents were away, they did have an argument about whose fault it is. But Eugene knew how much D'Angelo had respected his dad for so long, and his relationship with his own father wasn't very good, that he didn't want the latter to go through the same thing as he did. After they got out, they made amends and Eugene took the responsibility for what happened in front of Phil.

Olivia Kullersen[]

While they rarely interact, D'Angelo has shown great respect for Olivia, knowing that she is Tom's mother. After she found out about the dragons and learned about the Hidden World and its dangers, she respected that each of them had a special bond between each other. In "Hobs and Saw", it is revealed that Olivia and D'Angelo worked together to develop a Speed Stinger Antivenom after the events of "Sting It On!" by using a sample of her blood infected with the venomous from the sting she got, showing that she took some time to learn about important medical skills that can help both dragons and humans alike.


Thunder was the first dragon D'Angelo laced eyes upon after Tom and Jun invited him into Dragon Club. At first, D'Angelo was terrified of him, and wanted to expose him and Wu and Wei to his father. despite the Night Light's showing of affection towards him. This sentiment changed, however, after D'Angelo healed and bonded with Plowhorn, during which he came to see the beauty of dragons and agreed to join the Dragon Club in protecting their existence. Since then, D'Angelo has been shown to have a good friendship with Thunder and is very impressed with his species' unique abilities, namely their ability to cloak. D'Angelo often affectionally refers to Thunder as "Sparky".

Wu and Wei[]

Wu and Wei, specifically Wu, was the first dragon that D'Angelo rode on, much to his discomfort at the time.

D'Angelo first encountered the Mist Twister inside the Dragon Club's cave after he had been invited into the group, during which he was initially terrified of Wu and Wei and wanted to expose him and Thunder to the adults at IACRIS. However, after bonding with Plowhorn and joining the Dragon Club he came to be on good terms with Wu and Wei.


D'Angelo first encountered Feather in "Featherhide" when she had entered the dome of her future rider Alex. During their first encounter, D'Angelo, along with Tom, tried to catch the Featherhide, which only caused her to panic and flee in fear of them. Their relationship improved after Feathers bonded with Alex and joined her as the newest members of the Dragon Club. D'Angelo is shown to like it when Feathers and Plowhorn play together and appreciates how the young dragon has helped Alex open up more to others and the outside world as a whole. Despite this, he is often frightened whenever Feathers unexpectedly decloaks behind or in front of him.


Webmaster is the dragon of D'Angelo's teammate Eugene. Like the other riders, D'Angelo is impressed with Webmaster's abilities and considers him to be a valuable addition to the Dragon Club. Despite this, the Deadly Spinner will occasionally earn D'Angelo's ire when he helps his rider in pranking the other members of the Club.


D'Angelo was the first to say that Shadow was adorable. Shadow was mischievous, but D still cared about his well-being and would sometimes jump on his head or crawl on his arms, making them good friends.


When D'Angelo learnt that Buzzsaw was out to kill Thunder he then officially became an enemy of his and D'Angelo despises Buzzsaw's nature towards hunting and abusing dragons so much so that he starts a Dragon Hospital to help injured dragons in which some where hurt by the insane logger. D'Angelo also doesn't like how Buzzsaw has his own names for the dragon species which he finds annoying and stupid.

In "Of Gods and Monsters", when Jack was badly injured and weakened after an attack by Jörmungandr, Buzzsaw went to get the riders for help to treat him. Despite the other distrust in the logger, D'Angelo was willing to see if he was telling the truth, and saw it was true. Buzzsaw helped keep his dragon calm while the young Dragon Doctor did his best to treat the Timberjack. He was shocked that D was willing to help Jack despite all the bad things he's done and that he didn't go look for Plowhorn right away. D gave him some advice about honor and duty, because he mentioned how he made a vow to help all dragons in need, no matter what. He also mentioned it was time for him to understand the damage his ego has caused not only to his surroundings, but also to his own dragon friend. In return for his help, Buzzsaw told them about Sledkin's secret lab and that it could be where she took Plowhorn. They then left Buzzsaw to care for Jack saying that he needed him. After Jack had recovered a while later, he and Buzzsaw helped the riders by treating any injured dragons while they handled the World Serpent, indicating they are on good terms now. As of that, it seems that Buzzsaw respects D'Angelo the most out of all the riders.

Wilma Sledkin[]

At first when Jun wants to bring Sledkin to the Hidden World D'Angelo isn't opposed to the idea thinking everyone deserves a second chance however as Sledkin begins taking pictures it really starts to bother D'Angelo by breaking his constitution however after they bring her back he's not too bothered with her, however after he learns about the abused Terrible Terrors Sledkin's been experimenting with he immediately views her as a threat. And when Sledkin almost killed him and the others in a cave in and injuring a Cavern Crasher D'Angelo officially considers Sledkin an enemy. And when they all get trapped behind a glass barrier D'Angelo dosen't trust Sledkin at all for all the times she almost got them killed and even is opposed to the idea of having her help them escape. Most of all, he hated her for kidnapping Plowhorn and forcing her to find the Gods Realm and the Dragonsite gem. But when Sledkin fell to her demise, he consoled with Tom and Thunder as if he felt sad for her loss.



  • D'Angelo is the only absent for one episode, A Hole New World.
  • According to Jun, the tarot card associated with D'Angelo is a “knight of swords”, meaning that he worries too much. This ties into his worrying nature and his difficulties in keeping secrets.
  • In the episode "Uniconned", D'Angelo mentions that he is an only child.
  • D'Angelo is the first human in the franchise to visibly demonstrate how to train a Cavern Crasher, as seen in Sledkin Stakeout.
  • D'Angelo has a recording on his phone he plays whenever Tom or other the riders come up with a dangerous or stupid idea, which says "ARE YOU CRAZY".
  • As of Season 8, Buzzsaw seems to respect D'Angelo the most because he taught him how honor and duty are more important than greed and power.
  • D'Angelo tends to apply this knowledge of animal biology and behaviour to understand the various Dragon species.

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