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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Cutter's Spike Sharpener is a metal piece that Hannahr made for Cutter.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

Hannahr created the Spike Sharpener prior to the events of "Slobber Power" and gave it to Cutter, as a gift for helping her. Cutter immediately brought it to The Roost and started sharpening his scales. He kept doing it even after his spikes became sharp, just for the sake of using the sharpener.

After Sizzle hatched, he was attracted by Cutter and the sharpener due to their yellow color. Cutter stopped Sizzle from touching the sharpener, upon noticing his corrosive saliva, and took the baby outside so they could play some games. Later, while they were playing Hide and Seek, Sizzle managed to go inside and used the sharpener as a chew toy. He inevitably melted it with his saliva, much to Cutter's shock. Cutter was angry at Sizzle for destroying the sharpener, but eventually he forgave the baby.

Physical Appearance

Cutter's Spike Sharpener is a relatively small piece of metal in a semi-circular form with a metal support on one end. It is presumably made of gold, as it is golden in color.


Sharpening: The Spike Sharpener was mainly used by Cutter to sharpen his spikes and claws.

Chew Toy: Due to its yellow colour, Sizzle was attracted by the sharpener and mistook it for a chew toy. Sizzle destroyed the sharpener with his corrosive saliva.



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