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I usually just like to hang in the back and make jokes. [src]
  — Cutter  

Cutter is a male Relentless Razorwing and one of the main protagonists in Dragons: Rescue Riders. He is a member of the group known as the Rescue Riders.


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Physical Appearance

Cutter is dark brown with grey shades on his feet. He has a golden yellow underbelly and lighter yellow eyes. He has five sharp spikes on his head.


Did someone say responsibility? I'm out. [src]
  — Cutter  

Cutter is a confident, easygoing, and somewhat vain and cocky young dragon who can be a little full of himself. Even so, he's a dedicated member of the Rescue Riders and a good friend. Cutter enjoys playing pranks and cracking jokes, and is very difficult - not impossible - to scare. He often takes his jokes and pranks too far for his own amusement, which can lead to dangerous situations.

By his own admission, he avoids responsibility and tries to pawn responsibilities placed on him onto others. After much consideration, he will eventually step up and deal with those responsibilities if he must. On rare occasions, he can be emotional at times.

Despite that Cutter can be tricky, smart and clever, when he wants to as he easily figured out Waldondo's trick and the clues on the map to the Golden Dragon as he said himself, "It takes a trickster to catch a trickster."

Abilities, Talents, and Skills

I don't need to train. I have the instincts of a Threadtail, the strength of a Cavern Crasher, the reflexes of a- [src]
  — Cutter  

Eyesight: As a Relentless Razorwing, Cutter has excellent eyesight that the Rescue Riders often rely on during rescue work, scouting, or tracking.

Spikes and Spines: Due to his species, Cutter has an array of spikes and spines over his body and a sharp spaded tail, all of which he can utilize in various ways. He is able to throw some spines, and becomes increasingly precise and accurate as he practices. He is able to impale multiple fish when fishing. Cutter has also learned a technique to drill deep holes into the ground by spinning rapidly and using his body like a drill. He can even use his sharp spade-like tail as a scoop or shovel, or pierce a fly.

Firepower: Relentless Razorwings are fire-breathing dragons. As such, Cutter can breathe fire and use it for varying purposes, such as lighting torches and roasting fish. He can hit multiple targets at once with great precision, by flying very fast in a circle while breathing fire, then breaking the circle and sending flames in all directions.

Burrowing: Cutter recently learned from Leyla that he can use his spikes and spines to dig, make wells and tunnels.

Intelligence: Despite his joking and casual immaturity, Cutter is much more intelligent than one would expect. Cutter can read Norse writing, as he reads from the Dragon Diary in "Sick Day" about the Dreaded Dragon Flu. He is cunning, sly, and proved not only his intelligence but also his own leadership skills when he determined the riddles of a map that led to the Egg of Gemma, the Golden Dragon, using farfetched logic that yet made sense, and made use of his teammates' talents and abilities, along with some clever bait and misdirection to trick their enemies in order to protect the Egg.



Cutter and Aggro are friends and group mates, but there appears to be occasional tension as Cutter tends to be annoying to Aggro, who has a quick temper. He also once said that he would never get used to nice Aggro


Cutter and Burple seem to have a close friendship because they have been together for so long, and both take secondary positions within the group dynamic of the Rescue Riders.

Magnus Finke

Though he dislikes all the Rescue Riders, Magnus seems to bear a stronger grudge against Cutter. This is probably predicated by Cutter frequently playing jokes on him, as well as trying to help Magnus, which usually ends up going awry. It is not clear whether Cutter purposely messes up his assistance or not.

Sizzle and Sizzle's Siblings

Cutter at first wants nothing to do with these Slobber Smelter hatchlings, and tries his best to not have to be responsible for them. However, due to a quirk in imprinting with these babies liking things with yellow, he becomes their 'mother'. Eventually, after many failed activities, Cutter accepts his responsibility and becomes a self-professed 'big brother'.



  • It's unknown how Cutter learned to read Norse Writing however it's likely he learned by watching Leyla or taught himself how.

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