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Cutter is a male Relentless Razorwing who appears in Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Integrating into a Human Town

Cutter and his group of dragons and the human twins Dak and Leyla come across a Viking man about to drown from a shipwreck in the episode, "The Nest". They rescue him and the man turns out to be the Chief of Huttsgalor, named Duggard. He invites them back to his village, where the dragon group helps the villagers clean up after a fierce storm. Some villagers, such as Magnus Finke, dislike the dragons' presence, and tried to get them evicted by accusing Burple of eating the town's prize sheep, Haggis. Feeling unaccepted, the dragon group leaves town. However, Magnus' Auto Lumberjack Machine goes haywire and the group returns to save the town from damage. The villagers are thankful. The blacksmith Hannahr finds Haggis and uncovers Magnus' deception. As thanks, Duggard offers an old lighthouse as a permanent residence. The group accepts. Duggard also calls them the 'Rescue Riders', a name which Cutter and the others like well and adopt.

In "Deep Trouble", Cutter is over-confident in 'Fast Blast Drills' and fails to hit the proper target. Afterwards, he and the other Rescue Riders listen to Elbone as he relates his plans to go into the Maze Caves to map them. The next day Elbone has not returned, so Cutter, Dak, and Winger rush into the caves after him. All three get lost. Much later that day, he and the others are saved in the nick of time by Leyla, Summer, and Burple, just before the caves flood.

Cutter learns about a holiday on Huttsgalor called Hoogenboo in "Boo to You". Marena tells the story of the Phantom Fang, but no one believes her, though she insists it is real, all except Burple. Cutter insists no one can scare him. Later, an invisible force starts wreaking havoc in the village. Leyla determines that the 'ghost' is actually a Slinkwing dragon. Cutter and the other riders fight it off, but are only successful after Burple has the idea to mark the camouflaging dragon. In the end, Marena declares that she was right about the Phantom Fang, and then proceeds to tell Cutter a story about the giant eels of Tortuga. Burple "Boos" in his ear suddenly and spooks Cutter.

Cutter's feelings are hurt in "Where There's Smoke". After mysterious fires keep appearing in the sheep's pastures, Magnus accuses Cutter of starting them and endangering the sheep. The rest of the Riders seek to find out the culprit and help the sheep, but Cutter stays behind, as he feels if the humans don't trust him, why should he help them? Eventually the Riders discover the culprit is actually another fire-breathing dragon. Cutter finally relents and lends his excellent eyesight to finding the fire-starting dragon. The culprit turns out to be a Fire Fury named Aggro, and she was in fact starting fires to keep wolves away from the sheep. These developments were relayed to Duggard, who accepts the new helpful dragon and clears Cutter's name.

When the town's metal objects start falling apart, Chief Duggard asks the Rescue Riders to find more Belzium in "Heavy Metal". It quickly devolves into a competition amongst the Riders and Magnus. While looking on his own, he meets up with Aggro, much to her annoyance. He later meets up with Burple, then Leyla. Eventually, they start cooperating when Leyla says that the other Riders and Magnus are trapped in a cave and need help. When everyone is cooperating, Aggro and the others are able to liberate their friends, as well as stop a runaway boulder of Belzium that threatens the town.

Physical Appearance

Cutter is dark brown with gray shades on his feet. He has an orange underbelly and yellow eyes. He has five sharp spikes on his head.


He's always ready to lend a claw!
  — DreamWorks Jr.  

Cutter is a confident, easygoing, and somewhat vain and cocky young dragon who can be a little full of himself. Even so, he's a dedicated member of the Rescue Riders and a good friend.

Abilities, Talents, and Skills

Being a Relentless Razorwing, Cutter has the sharpest eyesight of the Dragon world. His spikes and spines and claws are all very sharp and he can launch his spikes as projectiles. He can also breathe fire.










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