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Curly Horns is an Outcast nicknamed by Hiccup in How to Be a Pirate. His real name is not known.


Battle Aboard the Lucky Thirteen

A group of Outcast pirates on the Hammerhead, at the behest of their chief, Alvin the Treacherous, ambush a ship of Hairy Hooligans on their way home from a successful quest at the Isle of the Skullions. One Outcast has a helmet with extremely twisty horns, whom Hiccup refers to as "Curly Horns". Curly Horns seizes Stoick and holds him captive with a knife to his throat. Curly Horns asks Alvin, in Outcastese, What the next step was in the takeover. Alvin decides to eat Stoick and his heir, as a custom of Outcasts and a sign of honor. Curly Horns releases Stoick at this verdict. As Alvin advanced on Hiccup to kill him, Toothless manages to tip over the barrel he is trapped under and rolled right into Alvin's legs. This brief moment of distraction allowed Stoick to punch Curly Horns.

... the Outcasts were distracted for one vital second, and Stoick turned round and felled Curly Horns with a good old-fashioned uppercut right under the chin.
  — Book 2  

The Battle Aboard the Lucky Thirteen ensued, with the Hooligans defeating their Outcast captors. The Hooligans take the Outcasts as prisoners, which would include Curly Horns, and later released them as a sign of good faith.


Curly Horns, along with all the Outcasts, are described as tall and red-headed. He has a curly two-horned helmet, facial tattoos in red, and an unkempt hair and beard. His nose appears to be crooked.


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