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They relate more to the cruelty of their captors than to the kindness of somebody who wanted to help them. [src]

Cryoconitemare is a female Catastrophic Quaken that appears in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

As a hatchling, Cryoconitemare used to spend her days grazing on obsidian in an empty field. She remembers it as nearly flavorless; slightly bitter. She wished for basalt, which was much sweeter.

That was before.

Dragon Hunters found the peaceful Cryoconitemare on one of their expeditions. Being blackguards, the only thing that occurred to them while watching this peaceful scene, was what use they might make of an enslaved Cryoconitemare in mining and military operations.

They didn’t see the kind look in her yellow eyes, not the gentle way she munched her stone. They only saw the spikes on her back, and the teeth-like spikes on her pebbled hide, and imagined the torturous uses they might put them to in creating engines of war. All they needed to do was break her spirit.

It wasn’t easy, but they eventually designed a method to trap the Cryoconitemare using a trail of juicy basalt leading into a cage trap. They captured her and mistreated her until she was so used to pain that she did whatever she was told out of fear of punishment. Her kindness learned to hide deep beneath a thick skin of numb toughness as the Dragon Hunters used her as a wrecking ball to mine marble from their quarry.

There she would have died if it weren’t for the Dragon Riders of Berk. They rescued Cryconitemare and her companions from their lives of slavery and freed them from the chains that bound them. Cryoconitemare returned to her barren field. She has scars. She has a missing claw. She has memories of times she would prefer to forget.

Today she munches on her obsidian with delectation. It is now the sweetest flavor she can imagine.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Cryoconitemare is light orange, with red spots all over her body. She has bright yellow eyes.

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