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Crabs are invertebrate animals mentioned in the How to Train Your Dragon Book series.


True crabs (Infraorder Brachyura) are decapods - they have 10 appendages - and are generally bilaterally symmetrical. Commonly crabs are thought to live in the ocean, but can also live in freshwater and on land, especially in tropical regions. The front-most pair of appendages have been modified into claws or pincers, used for grasping things and for protection. Many crab species have physical differences between males and females, such as structure of their exoskeleton and size. Most crabs also have complex social behaviors such as fighting for mates, cooperative food gathering, migration, cooperative defense against predators, and communication.


Crabs are mentioned in the Book series as wildlife in the sea, but do not appear to have other uses.

In reality, crabs are very popular worldwide as a food source for a variety of cultures. They are also often used in scientific research, such as determining pain response in invertebrates.


Hiccup: The Viking Who Was Seasick

Crabs are seen as colorful additions to pictures within this Children's book, but do not figure into the story.

How to Train Your Dragon

As the Green Death lay at the bottom of the ocean and began to wake up, all the wildlife that had settled around him over the centuries exited the area.

And, a week later, the sea around the Dragon Mountain - which had previously been teeming with crabs and lobsters and shoals and shoals of fish - was a great, underwater desert.
  — Book 1  

Hermit Crabs, though not true crabs but are called such because they have analogous morphology, are also mentioned in this chapter.

Generation after generation of little hermit crabs had been born and had died in this Dragon's ears.
  — Book 1  

How to Be a Pirate

Toothless' toothless mouth is described as having "hard little gums could slice through the shell of an oyster and crush the claws of a crab". This implies that Dragons also enjoy eating crabs.

Crab-like movement is described when Alvin the Treacherous creeps up to Hiccup in the Caliban Caves.

Alvin's pleasant eyes narrowed, and he sidled towards Hiccup like a predatory crab.
  — Book 2  

How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse

Crabs are again used to describe the movement of a human, as in Book 2. This time Fishlegs has ice skates on playing a game of Smashsticks-on-Ice.

Fishlegs skated toward the gigantic figure of the referee, Gobber the Belch, like a crab slipping on soap.
  — Book 4  

Fishlegs later calls Old Wrinkly a "withered old dried up crab claw" while he was ill and Old Wrinkly looked after him.



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