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Common Triple Strykes are a group of Triple Strykes that appear in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Fossil records show Triple Strykes existing in times long before there were Vikings in the Archipelago. Since then, aeons have passed; continents have shifted; civilizations have risen and fallen. Triple Strykes remain much as they always were, unscathed by time. Wherever they find themselves, they are masters at devising new ways to meet their needs. As their prey has evolved defenses, Triple Strykes have evolved better methods of attack. The most prominent of these weapons is the tail that gives Triple Strykes their name. Its massive tail stinger is in fact three tails woven together, each barb of which holds a different type of venom. The first injects a numbing agent that will make its prey insensible to pain. The second injection brings disorientation and hallucination. The third tail is pure agony, triggering the victim’s nervous system into a shock that feels like their blood is boiling. Combine these potent poisons with an aggressive nature and a high level of intelligence and you will soon understand the fear most Vikings hold for the Triple Stryke.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Common Triple Strykes are dirty black, with green-yellow underbellies. They have orange-yellow eyes.

In-game Statistics



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