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Clueless is a young Viking from the How to Train Your Dragon Book series

Official Description

Clueless is so stupid it is remarkable that he can make it through the day. For instance, once when Gobber asked him to bring his DRAGON with him, he brought his FLAGON instead. A flagon is a small jug, and not the same thing at all. Why Clueless thought a small jug would come in handy on a hunting expedition, is a mystery. The truth is, Clueless has the mental capacity of a jellyfish. There are tiny legless life forms swimming in the sea who have more ability to plan ahead than Clueless. Clueless’s hunting dragon is a Lackwit (very violent and unfocused), and his Riding-Dragon is a Dimbruiser.
  — Official How to Train Your Dragon Website  


Obtaining a Hunting Dragon

Though Clueless' journey was not detailed, he was among the initiates that travelled to the Dragon Nursery on Dragon Catching Day to capture a hibernating Hunting Dragon. He slipped on the cliff on his way up but instead of falling straight to his death, he fell onto Dogsbreath the Duhbrain, saving his fall. According to the "Official How to Train Your Dragon Website", he obtained a Lackwit.

Dealing with the Green Death

Clueless, along with all the other initiates of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe and Meathead Tribe were exiled for failing the Final Initiation Test on Thor'sday Thursday. A violent storm washes several Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus ashore on the Isle of Berk. Clueless and the other initiates carry out a plan Hiccup concocted to pit the Green Death against the Purple Death by dropping feather bombs on the dragons and hurling insults at them. Ultimately, the two dragons kill each other, but not before the Green Death seeks revenge on Hiccup.

Pirate Training Program

Clueless is listed as a student in the Pirate Training Program in How to Be a Pirate, meaning he participates in lessons such as 'Swordfighting at Sea (Beginners Only)'.

When a 'Swordfighting at Sea' lesson is interrupted by a mysterious coffin running into the ship, the ship sinks and all the novices must swim to shore. They wash up on the Long Beach, along with the coffin. Gobber orders Wartihog, Bearhug, Sharpknife, and Clueless to carry the coffin back to Hooligan village.

Later, while on a quest on the Isle of the Skullions to find Grimbeard's treasure, Wartihog and Clueless have a discussion about which dragon would win in a fight - the Bloody Crocoraptor or the Skullion? Upon seeing a huge footprint in the dirt later on, Fishlegs determines that the Skullion would win.

Winter Activities

Clueless participates with the other Viking Novices in 'Hunting-With-Bows-and-Arrows-on-Skis' expedition as well as Smashsticks-on-Ice during Freya'sday Fete.

Training in Hot Weather

As part of the young Vikings' education, Clueless and the other Hooligan boys gathered on Huge Hill for a "Herding-Reindeer-on-Horseback" lesson on an extremely hot day. Each student was supposed to being along their Hunting Dragon, but instead Clueless brought his hunting flagon. He also was not able to comprehend the difference between a sheep and a reindeer.


Clueless is not known to be very bright and often misunderstands what others are saying. In Book 5 he is described as "so stupid that he shouldn't have been allowed out without a guardian."

Physical Appearance

Clueless is portrayed with his two-horned helmet pushed over his eyes, making it hard to see for him. In Book 2, he is mentioned as having ear hair, which is apparently an admirable trait.




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