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And in the center, overlooking everything else, will be the Clubhouse, the "eye" of Dragon's Edge. [src]
  — Hiccup  

The Clubhouse is the main building on Dragon's Edge.



The Clubhouse has a large platform surrounding itself, where the Dragon Riders can land on, since most dragons are quite large and heavy. The Clubhouse is stutted by giant wooden poles. The Clubhouse has one main door which is open most of the time.

The doors are big enough so all the dragons can fit through. The Clubhouse as a matter of fact features at least two more openings which can be seen closed and opened several times.

The roofs are painted with green patterns and also plated partially with plates of supposedly Gronckle Iron, for protection purposes. The roofs also feature dragon heads, six in total: a Deadly Nadder, Monstrous Nightmare, Gronckle, Hideous Zippleback and a Night Fury. There are two more featured on the roofs, but they are not like the other dragons. These heads are attached to chimney that lets out the smoke coming from the fireplace inside.

Attached to the Clubhouse are zip-lines that go all the way down towards the groundlevel and are also connected to platforms that go to the huts.


Inside the Clubhouse there is a fireplace with a table where the riders gather and sometimes eat together, there are enough seats for every rider.

There are varied types of banners and weapons seen hanging on the walls, maps of the discovered islands on wooden boards and probably extra seats and tables stored there.

The inside of the clubhouse features a lot of space for the dragons too.


Meeting Place

Just like the Great Hall on Berk, the Clubhouse serves mostly as a meeting place. There, the riders discuss their battle strategies and are sometimes accompanied by allies from other tribes.

Common Room

The Clubhouse is the place where the riders spend their free time, such as while studying the Dragon Eye or playing Maces and Talons.

Dining Area

The Dragon Riders usually dine together inside the Clubhouse, especially in the evenings.


The Clubhouse is the best shelter on the island. The riders stayed inside it during a huge storm in "Blindsided".


Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 1

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The plans and construction of the Clubhouse began at the end of "When Darkness Falls".

The Clubhouse was first seen in "Gone Gustav Gone". After Gustav tried to find a treasure with the Dragon Eye, the riders met up at the Clubhouse and explained to him how dangerous it was to do that.

The riders met up in the Clubhouse in "Reign of Fireworms" to discuss what to do about the Fireworm migration.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 2

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In "Bad Moon Rising", the Dragon Riders ate dinner together in the Clubhouse, when Tuffnut interrupted them in order to "pass his belongings", as he believed he would soon turn into a Lycanwing.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 3

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In "Family on the Edge", the Dragon Riders dined in the Clubhouse, with Tuffnut telling them jokes. Hiccup arrived late at dinner and asked them about Dagur the Deranged. Heather swore to kill her brother next time she would see him, slicing the table in half with her axe. She apologised for it and left the Clubhouse to clear her mind.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4

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In "Blindsided", Hiccup brought Astrid to the Clubhouse after she was struck by lightning and temporarily lost her vision. He and Toothless stayed with her during the night to comfort her.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 5

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In "Snotlout's Angels", the Dragon Riders (minus Snotlout) stayed inside the Clubhouse during a thunderstorm and ate dinner. Hiccup stated that it was uncomfortable for all to eat while Snotlout was out in the storm and ordered the other to saddle up and prepare for a rescue mission.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 6

In "In Plain Sight", Hiccup presents to Dagur and the other riders the Dragon Eye II, which is almost finished. Johann enters the Clubhouse carrying a box with things for Heather. He then offers to help Hiccup get the gems necessary to complete the Dragon Eye. He the suggests going to the Northern Markets, bringing the device and the lenses too. At the end of the episode, the riders, Dagur and Heather meet in the Clubhouse, where Hiccup tells them of Johann's true intentions.

In "Loyal Order of Ingerman", Hiccup shows the Dragon Riders the new features of the Dragon Eye II in the Clubhouse, when Fishlegs interrupts them. He says that he discovered in Oswald's Papers that his ancestors were Dragon Hunters and that they hunted the Dramillions to the brink of extinction. The next day, Fishlegs does some research in the Clubhouse through Oswald's papers, the Dragon Manual and the Dragon Eye, discovering Dramillion Island, where he wanted to go right away. Hiccup then explains to him that the Dragon Explorers were coming the next day and that the Dramillions had to wait.

School of Dragons

The Clubhouse was introduced in the game in the expansion Battle for the Edge along with all the other buildings on Dragon's Edge. Unlike the show, the Clubhouse has an elevator made of a rectangular piece of wood which raises with the help of an air current. It is activated only when the player steps on it.

In Return to Dragon Island, the player is asked to go inside the Clubhouse and talk to Skulder, who got sick after staying too much in toxic fog. Later in the expansion, the player goes inside the Clubhouse to test a mask made by Hiccup. The test is composed by the twins throwing awful smelling substances at the player. Fortunately, the mask works very well.


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