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Cleve is a minor character appearing in the Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 6 episode, "Loyal Order of Ingerman".


Skirmish with Fishlegs and Astrid

Fishlegs and Astrid travel to Dramillion Island when Fishlegs finds out that his family has a history with the Dragon Hunters. Fishlegs confronts Cleve and the Order, but is laughed at. Later, Cleve sends off the recruits to practice hunting on previously-caught Dramillions, whose tails have been manacled so they cannot escape. Fishlegs and Astrid showed the Dramillions how they can remove the manacles and they all attack the Order's camp. Only Cleve remains and runs to the safety of the Order's wooden house, praying to Ingar Ingerman to help him. Instead the Dramillions rain down fire onto the house, and Cleve escapes from a back door out onto the island. It is not stated whether he lives or dies.

Physical Appearance

Cleve has the same character design as most of the other Dragon Hunter characters. He has a wide jaw, built upper body, and wears a helmet with spikes running down the middle. Cleve wears a dark green tunic with a short red vest over top which is held up by a large belt. He also wears dark wrist-bracers.


Cleve appears to be the head of a sub-sect of Dragon Hunters residing on Dramillion Island. There, he teaches new recruits about dragon hunting using the "Ingerman Method". Cleve also appears to venerate the Order's founder, Ingar Ingerman, almost as a deity.



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