Cinda is a female Fire Fury appearing in Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Meeting Aggro

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Physical Appearance

Cinda is bright orange with yellow shades and a pale underbelly. Her wings, tail fins and horns are bright red and her eyes are yellow.


Cinda is very playful and energetic, always looking forward to having fun with her friend, Laburn. She is very friendly towards other dragons, even those who are not her species. Cinda doesn't like doing chores, but she can still be helpful if asked. She doesn't always realize when she exaggerates with her games or when she might be doing something dangerous, which is her only weakness


  • Fire blast: Being a Fire Fury, Cinda is able to shoot balls of fire with great precision. She often combines her blasts with Laburn's to produce a firework-like effect into the sky. Cinda can also concentrate her fire into a small blue flame, which can be used to heat up metal in order to bend it ore fuse two pieces of metal together.
  • Glowing: Like all Fire Furies, Cinda is able to heat up her body enough to make her body glow in the dark.



Laburn is Cinda's best friend. The two of them have been together for such a long time, that they know each other's preferences and finish each other's sentences. They always do things together, as a team, be it a game or a rescue mission




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