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My sister once created a powerful dragon - a Chimeragon - an amalgamation of several dragons. I have inherited her and - as the elder sister and the skilled one of our family - created something better. A better dragon. [src]
  Nikora Stormheart  

The Chimeragon is a large Mystery Class hybrid that first appeared in School of Dragons. It was created by Nikora Stormheart through scientific methods, combining genes of a Bewilderbeast and a Sentinel, among others.

Physical Appearance


A Chimeragon egg is a blue icy orb encased in multiple plates that resemble the scales of a Bewilderbeast. The egg is quite large, about half the size of a Viking.

Hatchling to Adult

The Chimeragon is a large, four-legged dragon, with a big head-to-body ratio and a long tail. It is covered in both small and long spikes resembling those of a Bewilderbeast. It has a large frill on its head, which is composed of smaller spikes that can move up and down. The Chimeragon has two tusk-like spikes, one on each side of its mouth, similar to a Bewilderbeast. Its wings are rather small for a dragon its size, but it is still capable of flight. It has two long fins on its tail, going from its base to the tip, which help the dragon swim. The Chimeragon has rock shaped plates on its legs and head, resembling those of a Sentinel.



The Chimeragon has multiple types of firepower, inherited from multiple species of dragons. An adult Chimeragon can breathe ice, lightning and fire.

Behavior and Personality

This type of Chimeragon is said to be much more aggressive than the one created by Eir Stormheart.


The Chimeragon is a difficult dragon to train, that not many Vikings can tame, due to its aggressive nature.



School of Dragons

The Chimeragon was introduced in this game during the 2020 Snoggletog event. A player can obtain a Chimeragon by collecting 17,000 cookies through various mini-games.




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