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Chilljill is a juvenile female Chillblaster that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday.


Visiting Huttsgalor

While travelling with their sick father, Chillbill, Chilljill, and Hank were separated from Chillbert and ended up in a cave on Huttsgalor. There, the three were found by a pack of wolves that attacked them, but fortunately they were saved by the Rescue Riders, who brought them to them village. There, the Chillblasters caused havoc amidst the Odinyule celebration, and bonded with a boy named Finngard Borgomon. After a while, Chillbill, Chilljill, and Hank combined their blasts to form a blizzard, in order to signal to their father. Seeing this, the Rescue Riders started a search party, and brought the Chillblasters along. They were briefly left in the care of Grumblegard on Hazard Island, where they played with the other baby dragons. Later, the Rescue Riders found Chillbert and cured him of his sickness, after which they reunited the Chillblaster hatchlings with their father. The family then took off, but not before saying their good-byes.

Physical Appearance

Chilljill is light blue, with pale cream bumps on her head and tail. She has a purple underbelly and snout, as well as small purple dots on her feet. Her claws are also purple.


As a hatchling, Chilljill is an extremely energetic dragon, who loves nothing more than to play with her siblings.


Firepower: Lile all members of her species, Chilljill is capable of shooting long streams of ice and snow that can instantly freeze objects in place.


Chillbill and Hank

Chilljill is very playful with her siblings. The three of them often end up causing trouble together, but are nonetheless very close to each other.


Chilljill has a positive relationship with her father. She was very happy when she was reunited with him.

Rescue Riders

Chilljill sees the Rescue Riders as playmates and tries to make them part of her and her siblings' games.

Finngard Borgomon

Chilljill formed a close bond with Finngard, as the boy was the only human who would play with her and her siblings all the time.



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