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Chillblaster dragons are usually, well, very chill. [src]

The Chillblaster is a medium-sized dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday.

Physical Appearance

Hatchling to Adult

Chillblasters are four-legged dragons that are covered in snowball-shaped white bumps. They have a round head and a flat face, with a large and round nose. They have short, bumpy tails and have three toes on each leg. Their primary coloration are white with purple face and underbelly.

Juvenile Chillblasters are quite small, about half the size of a teenage human. They have a large head-to-body ratio and very small wings.



Chillblasters can shoot out streams of ice and snow. When in a group, they can combine their blast to cause blizzards. An adult Chillblaster's blizzard blast is strong enough to even trap an entire ship and dragons frozen solid in ice.

Cold Weather Resistance

Due to them being cold weather dragons, Chillblasters can survive freezing cold conditions.


The full strength of a Chillblaster is unknown but as babies their strong enough to pull a young viking when tied to rescue vine. Adults have been seen capable of carrying three babies of their kind on their kind on their back.


Chillblaster Cold

Despite them being cold weather dragons, Chillblasters can catch a cold that causes them to have stuffy and runny noses. This causes them to lose control of their ice blast when they sneeze. However, the effects of this cold can be cured, or at least mitigated, through the consumption of Fire Fruit.

Behavior and Personality

Chillblasters are mostly calm, chill, and friendly dragons. But when provoked, in danger or sick, they blast everything with ice. When separated from one another, Chillblasters can use their ice blast to signal others of their kind. According to Chillbert, Chillblasters love Odinyule and travel north to celebrate it.

Baby Chillblasters love to chew on icicles.


Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday

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Leyla, Summer and Burple search for the source of the mysterious snowstorms on Huttsgalor. They soon enter an ice cave and discover that the blizzards were caused by trio of adolescent chillblaster dragons that were being attacked by wolves. Luckily, the three Rescue Riders are able to fend off the wolves, and decide to bring them to the village where its safe. When back at The roost, the baby chillblasters keep swirling their blasts together into horizon. Leyla then realizes that they're signaling for their parents to come for so the rescue riders (and Finngard whos mom let him come along) headout to search for them. They decide to drop off the hatchlings and Finngard off at Hazard island with Grumblegard who reluctantly agrees to watch them. Dak, Winger, Cutter and Aggro stay behind halfway in the search to help Elbone get his boat out of the ice. The remaining three then soon run into Chilbert, the father of the three chillblaster hatchlings stranded on seastack due to a cold. Leyla explains that they have his babies safe and sound. Unable to fly, the rescue riders decide to bring the babies Chilbert. Leyla also asks Grumblegard for a Fire fruit too help Chilbert with his cold who doesn't care of they take it or not. Once they make it too Chilbert, Leyla feeds him the fire fruit and Chilbert feels better. They wish each other a happy Odinyule, and Chilbert flies north with the hatchlings.


  • The tail of the chillblaster looks oddly like the tongue of an Eruptodon

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