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Without you, I'd be sitting here panicking and sneezing and itching, and wondering if I'm doing all right as a dad, and- Well, now I don't have to worry. About any of that. [src]
  — Chillbert  

Chillbert male is a Chillblaster that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday.


Losing his Children

This is the first time I've ever had the kids on my own and I lost them! Who's ever gonna trust me to watch them again? [src]
  — Chillbert  

One year, shortly before Odinyule, Chillbert was entrusted by his family to take care of his three children: Chillbill, Chilljill, and Hank. He caught a cold from them, which got worse and worse with time. While travelling North to reunite with his relatives for the celebration, Chillbert sneezed himself out of the sky, separating himself from the hatchlings. After accidentally freezing a man's boat in the middle of the ocean, Chillbert ended up trapped on a sea stack, unable to take off because of his constant sneezing. Fortunately, he was found by Leyla, Summer, and Burple, whom he recognised as the Rescue Riders, after the human girl talked to him. Chillbert told them his situation and was happy to hear that the Rescue Riders had found his children. Summer and Burple tried to help him take off, but due to his constant sneezing, Chillbert fell out of the sky multiple times. Leyla then had the idea of feeding him a spicy Fire Fruit, and took off with Summer and Burple, leaving the Chillblaster alone. After nightfall, the three returned to Chillbert with his children, which immediately jumped on him. The father was happy to reunite with them and after he ate the fruit, he began feeling better. He also stopped sneezing, and was able to fly again. He wished the Rescue Riders a happy Odinyule before leaving with his offspring.

Physical Appearance

Chillbert's appearance is typical of that of a Chillblaster. He is mostly white, with light blue shades on his wings and underbelly.


Chillbert is a friendly dragon, who likes to talk a lot with others. He tends to often complain about his problems to anyone. He is a kind, caring father, who was worried sick when he got separated from his children. He has also a playful nature, as seen from his way of talking.


Firepower: Like any other Chillblaster, Chillbert is capable of shooting powerful guts of cold wind and snow. With only one blast, he managed to trap Burple in a block of ice. He was able to freeze an entire part of the sea and trap Elbone's boat is it.


Chillbill, Chilljill, and Hank

Rescue Riders



A mom? No, I'm a dad. Wait, did you just talk to me? You're the Rescue Riders, aren't you? Oh, what luck to meet the Rescue Riders right when I need a rescue!
Oh, don't worry. You can't catch this. It's a Chillblaster dragon thing that's been going around. My kids had it last week and now I caught it. Oh, I can't stand being sick over the holidays. Especially Odinyule.
Oh, but I made a big mess of it this year. I was supposed to be taking the kids up north to meet up with their mom and her folks, but my cold got worse on the way. Before I knew it, I sneezed myself out of the sky and the kids were gone! This is the first time I've ever had the kids on my own and I lost them! Who's ever gonna trust me to watch them again?
Fire fruit? That sounds spicy, and spicy foods don't usually agree with-- But I'll try anything!


  • Chillbert doesn't like spicy foods.

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