Don't... don't you think that just because you're the... The fluffiest, yellowest... cutest, most adorable little thing ever. I'm gonna read you bedtime stories, and I'll tuck you in at night. And I... I shall call you Chicklet. [src]
  Tuffnut to Chicklet  

Chicklet is one of Chicken's eight offspring.


Adopted by Tuffnut

No. Oh, yeah, right, no. No, I will not be swayed. [src]
  — Tuffnut's initial attitude to the chick  

When Tuffnut finds out that Chicken has a secret family in "Searching for Oswald... and Chicken", he initially gets mad. However, when he lifts one of the chicks he quickly changes his mind. He decides to adopt the little chick, naming it Chicklet.

Training with Tuffnut

In "A Gruff Separation", Chicken's offspring are seen being trained on a tiny obstacle course by Tuffnut. The reason for this is not stated. Chicklet is not specifically named, but is assumed to be one of the several chicks seen.

In "King of Dragons, Part 1", while the Dragon Riders are packing their belongings, Chicken is seen with her offsprings in the background, presumably with Chicklet too.

Physical Appearance

Chicklet looks exactly like Chicken’s other offspring and any normal chicks: yellow, small, fluffy and round with an orange beak.



  • Chicklet is the only one of Chicken's offsprings with a name.
  • Chicklet's name is a take on a pun Tuff gave earlier in the episode; "Chick Lit" ("Chicken Literature"). But according to the closed captioning, it's spelled differently.
  • In "A Gruff Separation", Tuffnut says to the chicks while they are training "Hey, keep your knees up! That's it, little Chick-ly." It is unclear he is referring to Chicklet or any one of Chicken’s offspring.


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