Legend speaks of the Master of the Forest, meditation, silence, and wilderness. [src]
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The Chestnut Knight is a female Brooding Boltstamper appearing in the gameDragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

A humble, gentle, but immensely mighty creature, the Chestnut Knight has seemingly shirked the more aggressive traits of both her parents and instead fancies to the tranquil, contemplative peace of the forest. Here, she holds court with other mild-mannered dragons by leading them on long nature walks through the woods.
Despite her magnificent power and immense strength, the Chestnut Knight wouldn't so much as harm an insect. She treads lightly on the forest floor will only fight alongside those who also seek to protect nature in its purest form.
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Physical Appearance

The Chestnut Knight possesses green skin and wings, as well as eyes of the same hue, though lighter in color. Golden shades nest on her nasal horn, belly, and body. The underside of her wings bear patterns similar to those of a Skrill, which have purple and green coloration. Her claws, upper half of her horns, and sharp, metallic spines running down her back to her tail are red.

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