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Dak: Nice shot, Burps. You knocked that target really far.

Burple: I hope so. I used up all my best blasting rocks. And all my strength.

Aggro: My turn. I'm gonna pass you, Burple.

Dak: Ooh. A tie. This blast-distance contest is really heating up.

Summer: I think you mean cooling down.

Leyla: And Summer takes the lead.

Cutter: For now. Okay, step aside. Step aside for the most powerful blast of all.

Cutter: Wha...? Eh...

Burple: Hey, thanks, Cutter. You knocked me right into first place.

Cutter: I meant to do that. You know, to help my best pal Burple.

Leyla: That was a close competition. Kind of nice to know all your powers are pretty equally matched, huh?

Winger Oops. Sorry.

Dak: You were saying?

Winger: I really tried to hold back.

Aggro: Uh-huh.

Winger: Um, we should probably get that target.

Dak: Oh, yeah. Totally.

Cutter: You know what? I think we need a rematch. My spikes were just having an off day.

Summer: You just want to beat Winger.

Cutter: You know what they say. If you can't beat him, join him. And I've already joined him, so now I want to beat him.

Aggro: That makes no sense.

Dak: Whoa!

Leyla: What was that?

Burple: I don't know, but it sure was pretty.

All the Rescue Riders: Whoa!

Burple: Pretty dangerous.

Aggro: I bet it was my lovable but totally irresponsible Fire Fury friends Laburn and Cinda. Come on. Laburn? Cinda? Come on, Fire Furies forever, right?

Dak: There's no one here.

Burple: Maybe they're playing blaze and seek. That's not a thing, is it?

Aggro and Cutter Mm-mm.

Leyla: Huh. This is weird.

Burple: Is that a bad weird or a scary weird. Or a good weird, like breakfast for dinner?

Leyla: Hmm. Some dragon started these fires.

Summer: And then disappeared.

Dak: Good morning, everyone. So, what crazy, wild adventures do we have planned for today?

Leyla: We don't have anything.

Dak: Really?

Cutter: A nice quiet day's fine by me. Maybe we can do another target-blasting game.

Aggro: Give it up, Cutter. You're never gonna beat Winger's power blast.

Cutter: You don't know that. I might. Right, Burps?

Burple: Maybe. If you had the wind behind you. A really big wind.

Aggro: Like a hurricane.

Duggard the Decisive: Rescue Riders.

Dak: What is it, Chief Duggard? Have an exciting adventure for us? Or an exciting mission? Or even just an exciting errand?

Duggard: No, but I do have this. I found these dragon spikes in town. They were stuck in the side of the Great Hall this morning. I almost snagged my beard on one and I'm not due for a trim for months.

Cutter: They're not mine.

Aggro: Let me guess. Because Relentless Razorwing spikes are way more awesome than those?

Cutter: No. Because these are made of metal. Mine aren't.

Leyla: Another mystery dragon?

Dak: Yes. Something to investigate. Woohoo!

Leyla: What could be going on? First those fireballs, now these spikes.

Dak: And our targets, too.

Winger: Targets? What happened to our targets?

Summer: Where'd they all go?

Burple: Oh, no. My rock supply is gone, too. These are all I have left. That was a snack for later.

Aggro: There's definitely something fishy going on now. And I'm not talking about Burple's snack.

Summer: Now what was that?

Winger: Another mystery, coming from the village.

Leyla: Let's go check it out.

Aggro: Hey, our targets.

Burple: Hey, my rocks.

Burple: Magnus made a Mechano-Dragon that can burp rocks like me? Should I feel good about that or mad about that?

Aggro: Fireballs? I choose mad.

Cutter: Spikes, too? We gotta be dreaming this. Strike that. This is a nightmare.

Axel Finke: Oh, Rescue Riders. I was hoping you'd show up. Allow me to introduce you to your competition.

Magnus: You mean replacement. My latest invention.

Axel: He means our latest invention.

Magnus: No, I don't. My Mechano-Multi-Dragon. As you can see, it has all the powers of, well... all of you.

Leyla: I guess now we know what started those fires.

Dak: And where those metallic spikes came from.

Summer: At least that thing can't do what I do.

Leyla: Actually, Sum...

Summer: H2 oh, no, he did not.

Leyla: Okay, that's pretty impressive.

Duggard: So impressive that no one even noticed the brand new Haggis statue I unveiled today. Crafted it with me own hands. Took me months. What? Being Chief is my job, but sculpting is my passion.

Magnus: People of Huttsgalor. I've been testing my amazing new Mechano-Multi-Dragon all over the island until I knew it worked perfectly. And now, Huttsgalor officially doesn't need the Rescue Riders anymore.

Cutter: Yup. Definitely a nightmare.

Axel: Thank you, thank you. I deserve it.

Leyla: This Mechano-Multi-Dragon is way better that Magnus' first two tries.

Dak: Come on. It might have good aim, but look how slow it is.

Burple: It's even slower than me. I don't know how I feel about that.

Summer: It appears he designed it for enhanced accuracy instead of speed.

Magnus: Behold the future, Rescue Runts. Anything your dragons can do, my Mechano-Multi-Dragon can do better.

Dak: You mean slower, don't you?

Magnus: Oh, please. Speed is overrated.

Winger: Exactly what a slow dragon would say.

Dak: Winger said...

Magnus: I don't care. My Multi-Dragon is better than your dragons and I'll prove it to you.

Leyla: Boiling Springs Valley?

Dak: What are we doing here, Magnus?

Magnus: We're here because Elbone has gotten himself into terrible trouble.

Burple: He knows it's just a doll, right?

Magnus: Let's have a race to his rescue.

Leyla: Magnus, this won't even be close.

Magnus: We'll see, won't we, Axel?

Axel: You know it, unc.

Aggro: I'll go. Me and these geysers go way back.

Magnus: Chief Duggard, would you do the honors?

Duggard: Certainly. Ready? Three, two, one, Rescue!

Aggro: Huh?

Axel: If you can't take the heat, get out of the valley.

Magnus: You were saying? Every single part of my new Mechano-Dragon has been reinforced with Belzium, inside and out. Which means it's indestructable.

Dak: Okay, so it can rescue a doll. But I bet that thing can't do a...

Axel: Woo-hoo!

Dak: Victory loop. Okay, that thing is good.

Duggard: I had no idea.

Magnus: That my Mechano-Multi-Dragon would so easily replace the Rescue Riders.

Duggard: No, I had no idea there was a place as dangerous as Boiling Springs Valley so close to town. Anyone could just walk on in here. Ah! You see? Someone should really block this area off with a sign. Or a fence. Or a banner. Or a fence with a sign on it, under a banner.

Magnus: Or a rockslide?

Duggard: That could work, too.

Magnus: Axel. Take it away. No, try the spikes. A water blast. Rocks. Use rocks on the rocks.

Dak: Hey, Magnus, why not try a power blast?

Magnus: A power blast? My Mechano-Dragon can't do a power blast.

Dak: Oh, no? Well, I know someone who can.

Duggard: That's perfect.

Magnus: What?

Dak: Looks like that Mechano-Dragon can't replace us yet, huh, Magnus?

Magnus: Power blast?? We'll see about that. Axel!

Magnus: There must be some way to get my Mechano-Multi-Dragon to do a power blast. Hmm.

Axel: Can we pick this up tomorrow, uncle? We've been at it all night.

Magnus: No. We will not stop until we figure this out. We need more power.

Axel: Whoa. That's a lot of lightning

Magnus: That's it.

Axel: What's it?

Magnus: That is it. Lightning is going to be our power blast.

Magnus: Yes. That should do it. Now, we wait.

Axel: Wait? For what?

Magnus: That. Yes. That's the kind of power we need. Axel, pull the lever.

Magnus: Now my Mechano-Dragon has everything. Even a power blast.

Axel: You did it, uncle. You actually did it.

Magnus: I finally have something that's better than the Rescue Runts in every possible way.

Axel: Except for the fact that it's slower than they are.

Magnus: Can't you ever let me have my moment? I'm going to get some sleep. I want to be wide awake when I seal the fate of those flying failures.

Magnus: Oh, it's a beautiful morning to... Lose the most important invention of my career. Axel! Axel!

Axel: Hey, what did you do with the Mechano-Multi-Dragon?

Magnus: I didn't do anything with it. Someone must have stolen it.

Axel: Uncle, I think there might be another explanation.

Cutter: Burple, come on. Tell your stomachs to go back to sleep.

Burple: That wasn't my stomachs.

Aggro: If it wasn't your stomachs, then what was it?

Dak: Guys, we gotta go. The village is in trouble.

Burple: See? It wasn't my stomachs. Just the village in trouble. Oh, that's not good.

Winger: What is it? What's going on down there?

Leyla: Oh, no. It's Magnus' new Mechano-Dragon.

Summer: But why is Axel using it to attack the town?

Cutter: Uh, Summer? Axel's not riding it.

Dak: So, it's driving itself? That's impossible.

Summer: Except, there it is.

Leyla: Whoa!

Dak: Make that double-whoa.

Winger: Was that supposed to be a power blast? Okay, now I really don't like that thing.

Leyla: Magnus, what did you do to it?

Magnus: I used lightning to give it a power blast. It might have gotten a little overcharged.

Dak: Lightning?

Leyla: A little overcharged?

Magnus: Still, that is an impressive power blast. Am I right?

Leyla: Dak, Winger, you two try to get rid of that thing while the rest of us save the villagers.

Winger: Get rid of it? With pleasure.

Magnus: Wait. Wait. Don't you dare damage my precious...

Axel: Make room for me!

Magnus: Find your own barrel. Oh, all right.

Duggard: Yes, yes. That's right. Hide under the market stands. Or in the great hall. Or behind the new marvelous, yet strangely underappreciated Haggis statue. Not again. I've got you, pal.

Leyla: We got you, Chief Duggard.

Duggard: The Rescue Riders are here. We're saved. We are saved, right?

Leyla: Working on it.

Dak: Let's show this thing our power blast.

Winger: Huh?

Dak: Uh, try the other side.

Dak: If we can't blast it, how can we stop it?

Winger: I have no idea.

Cutter: No one gets spiked on my watch.

Burple: I think this guy already got spiked, Cutter.

Cutter: Hey, there's only so much of me to go around.

Ottil: Thanks.

Dak: Power blasting won't work. They just bounce off. We need everyone's help.

Cutter: I got this. Take that, you metal meanie. Huh. It took that pretty well.

Aggro: Looks like it's time to turn up the heat. Yeah!

Aggro: Need more heat.

Summer: The belzium is too strong for any of us for any of us to blast it.

Burple: Wait, I didn't get to try yet.

Burple: Oh, no!

Aggro: What kind of battle cry is, "Oh, no"?

Burple: I'm working on it. Now I've made it angry. Why is it chasing me?

Leyla: Wait a second. Burple, empty everything out of your stomach that has metal in it.

Burple: But then I'll have nothing to defend myself with.

Leyla: Just try it.

Burple: Nope. You're still my snack for later.

Burple:Hey, it worked. I did it. What did I do?

Leyla: You had a lot of metal in your belly and that Mechano-Dragon is...

Summer:' Made of belzium, and belzium is highly magnetic.

Burple: Oh, I get it. I don't really get it.

Cutter: Neither do I. I just nod my head so I don't feel left out.

Burple: We can ask her to explain later.

Dak: So the Mechano-Dragon is drawn to metal?

Burple: Phew. Good thing I got it all out of my stomachs. At least I thought I did.

Aggro: Looks like you still have some metal in there, Burps.

Burple: Oh, why didn't I pack light? Oh, no.

Dak: Hey, metal-head. Follow us. All right, Wing. Let's get rid of this thing.

Winger: Sounds like a plan to me. We can't power blast it...

Dak: But we can out-fly it.

Winger: How are we doing?

Dak: Agh! Good. We could be doing better.

Winger: Hold on!

Dak: Huh? I have an idea. Fly as fast as you can, making as many twists and turns as you've got.

Leyla: It's falling apart.

Burple: My stuff.

Summer: Of course. The Mechano-Multi-Dragon wasn't built for speed.

Aggro: So, Wing is flying so fast that it's actually falling apart as it tries to keep up.

Dak: We're gonna need some help in a bit.

Winger: Yeah, get ready to blast. I can't fly this fast for much longer.

Cutter: But we need something as strong as a power blast to destroy that thing.

Leyla: Maybe not. Magnus designed that Mechano-Dragon to be as strong as all of us. So, maybe all of us are strong enough to destroy it.

Aggro: You'll really think that'll work?

Leyla: I have no idea, but it's all I've got.

Winger: Ready for that help, guys.

Winger: Come on.

Leyla: There!

Summer: We did it.

Aggro: Winger sets him up...

Cutter: And we knock him down.

Burple: Yeah. What they said.

Winger: You guys were amazing.

Cutter: Yeah. Turns out there is something stronger than a power blast.

Aggro, Cutter, and Summer: Temwork!

Burple: Belzium! I mean teamwork.

Duggard: People of Huttsgalor, we are safe. The Rescue Riders saved us again.

Leyla: Our pleasure, Chief Duggard.

Dak: Real results from real dragons.

Magnus: Axel.

Axel: Yes, uncle?

Magnus: Maybe it's time to just pick up the pieces and move on.

Axel:. Yes, absolutely. Total new strategy time.

Magnus: No, I meant it literally. It's time for you to pick up the pieces of the Mechano-Dragon, and I'm going to move on home and lie down. Failure is exhausting.

Axel: Tell me about it.

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