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Leyla: "Magnus, what did you do to it?"
Magnus: "I used lightning to give it a power blast. It might have gotten a little overcharged."

"Charged Up" is the tenth episode of the second season of Dragons: Rescue Riders. It aired on February 7, 2020.


Magnus' superpowered Mechano-Dragon threatens to replace the Riders. But when it spirals out of control, the town's real heroes have to step up!

Major Events


CU - Summer's target having gone farther than the others.jpg

The Rescue Riders practice their blasting on the far side of the island, by making a competition out of it. Burple spits out all his rocks and knocks a target far away. Aggro blasts another as far as Burple, while Summer blasts one further away. Leyla notes it all in her Dragon Diary, just as Cutter shoots his spines. his target kicks Burple's target, with the latter moving more. Leyla states that all the dragons' powers are at the same level, but Winger proves her wrong by blasting his target off the cliff.

CU - This is weird.jpg

On the way back to The Roost, Cutter wishes to compete again against Winger, confident he will win. Just then, fireballs coming from the forest surprise the Rescue Riders, who dodge them just in time. Aggro believes they came from her friends, Laburn and Cinda, so the Rescue Riders decide to check it out. However, they don't find anyone on the ground, so Leyla theorizes that a dragon must have done it and disappeared suddenly after. Summer puts out the fires and the Rescue Riders return to the Roost.

CU - Everyone but Dak by the pile of fish.jpg

The next morning, as the dragons prepare to eat their breakfast, Dak wakes up and asks them what adventure they will go on next. Leyla tells him that they don't have anything planned for the day, so Cutter suggests another blasting competition. Aggro assures him he won't win, but Cutter refuses to give up. Just then, Duggard the Decisive arrives at the Roost and gives the Rescue Riders two dragon spikes he found in town. The Rescue Riders go outside, only to find out that their training gear was missing, so they fly to the village to investigate.

CU - A second set of spikes hitting the targets.jpg

There, they find Magnus' new Mechano-Dragon using their targets to show off in front of the townspeople. Axel reveals to them how the machine can shoot rocks, fireballs, spikes, and water, just like Burple, Aggro, Cutter, and Summer. The Rescue Riders are shocked by it, while Chief Duggard is annoyed, as the Mechano-Dragon distracted people from his sculpture of Haggis. Summer notices that despite having incredible accuracy, the Mechano-Dragon is slower than any dragon. However, Magnus challenges the Rescue Riders to prove his machine is better.

CU - Ready.jpg

They all go to Boiling Springs Valley, where Magnus reveals the Elbone Doll at the end of the valley. Aggro accepts the challenge, but she is soon surpassed by the Mechano-Dragon, which flies through the geysers unaffected. Magnus reveals that the machine is made completely out of Belzium, making it indestructible. Duggard, however, is more shocked about Boiling Spring Valley being very close to the village and decides to block it. Magnus orders Axel to create a rock-side with the Mechano-Dragon, but fails. Winger then uses his power blast to successfully block the valley, angering Magnus.

CU - The lightning charging the mechano dragon.jpg

Later that night, Magnus tries to think of a way to make the Mechano-Dragon have a power blast. He notices the lightning storm passing Huttsgalor and decides to use it to create a power blast. He quickly designs an adjustment and modifies the machine, so that it can capture lightning. After finishing, Magnus waits for the lightning to blast the Mechano-Dragon. After it powers up, Magnus asks Axel to test it and the machine completely obliterates a tree. Happy with the victory, Magnus and Axel go to sleep, leaving the Mechano-Dragon outside.

CU - Lightning continuing to charge the mechano-dragon.jpg

That night, multiple lightning bolts strike the Mechano-Dragon, causing it to overcharge and move levers uncontrollably. It takes flight and begins to shoot every attack it possesses. The next morning, Magnus wakes up to find his invention gone. Infuriated, he assumes that someone had stolen it. However, Axel wakes up too and notices the Mechano-Dragon shooting blasts of lightning in the sky. He points it to his uncle, and the two run after it to find out what happened.

CU - Continuing to attack the village.jpg

Meanwhile, at the Roost, the dragons can't sleep because of the noise. Dak alerts them that the village is in danger and they all fly to the town. They see the Mechano-Dragon attacking without anyone piloting it. The Rescue Riders land in town, where Magnus tells them what happened. Winger is annoyed that the inventor tried to copy his power blast and is happy to destroy the machine when Leyla orders him to. Magnus asks the Rescue Riders not to destroy his invention, but is cut off by the machine's attacks. He quickly hides inside a barrel with Axel.

CU - Summer coming to grab Duggaard.jpg

Aggro and Summer protect the villagers from the Mechano-Dragon's blasts, as Duggard hides behind his statue. Summer and Leyla get him to safety, just as the machine destroys the statue. Winger and Dak try to destroy the Mechano-Dragon, but the Swiftwing's power blast proves to be ineffective against the Belzium dragon. The other Rescue Riders use their attacks too, but the Mechano-Dragon still doesn't break. It starts chasing Burple, attracting metal objects along the way. Leyla tells the Rockspitter to empty his stomachs, and after doing so, the Mechano-Dragon changes direction.

CU - But we can outfly it.jpg

The machine flies through the village, attracting every metal object to its Belzium body, which comes back after Burple. The Rockspitter continues to empty his stomachs, but is soon cornered by the Mechano-Dragon. Winger then swoops in with a piece of metal, leading the machine away from Burple. The fly high into the air and drop down suddenly, making the Mechano-Dragon lose some of its pieces. Dak notices it and asks Winger to make lots of tight turns. The Swiftwing does so, and the Mechano-Dragon starts falling apart bit by bit.

CU - Four different things headed at the mechano dragon.jpg

The Rescue Riders begin to cheer, but Winger soon gets tired from flying. Leyla then has the idea of destroying the machine by having all dragons blast at once. The Mechano-Dragon catches up on Winger, but the rest of the dragons manage to synchronize their blasts in its weak spot. The machine explodes, and its remains fall into the forest. The Rescue Riders celebrate their victory, and realise that their combined blasts are stronger than Winger's power blast. The high five with their wings and then return to the village.

CU - Landing in the village.jpg

The townspeople start to come out from their hiding spots and Chief Duggard announces that the village is safe and that the Rescue Riders are their heroes. The people applaud them, but Magnus is unimpressed by the outcome. He orders Axel to pick up the remains of the machine, while he goes to his house and relaxes. Axel mocks his uncle, but still follows his orders. Meanwhile, in the forest, the head of the Mechano-Dragon starts to power up again, but Haggis rams into it, rendering it nonfunctional.





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