Snotlout: "Minden, listen, I think we may have gotten our signals crossed here. I never told you it was okay to just quit. Quitting, as good as it feels and as little effort as it requires, never works. I've quit the Dragon Riders so many times, so I speak from experience."
Minden: "But Atali, she doesn't respect me."
Snotlout: "She gave you the most important job of all, to defend the whole island while she was gone."
Minden: "But you said I was passed over for a blonde."
Snotlout: "And you listened to me? I'm an idiot. Ask anyone."
Minden: "I-I don't know."
Snotlout: "Look, this is it right here. This is your moment. Maybe not your moment of glory, but the moment you decide what's most important to you, your own feelings or the vow you made to these women and all of these dragons."

"Chain of Command" is the third episode of Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 6. It was released on Netflix on February 16, 2018.


During a trip to Wingmaiden Island to find a Dragon Eye lens, Snotlout challenges Hiccup’s leadership. On another island, an unlikely romance blooms.


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When Hiccup and Snotlout go to Wingmaiden Island to tell Atali about Trader JohannKrogan and his Dragon Flyers start setting the west side of the island on fire, for Dragon Eye lenses. Minden gets all of the guards to put it out to the fire to show Atali She can do what she would need to. She got the Dragon Eye lens with Snotlout. They end up saving the day.


  • It is revealed that Krogan and his Singetail have bonded (unlike the other Dragon Flyers).
  • Minden shows romantic feelings for Snotlout which are returned in kind by Snotlout.




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