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Minden: "But Atali, she doesn't respect me."
Snotlout: "She gave you the most important job of all, to defend the whole island while she was gone."
Minden: "But you said I was passed over for a blonde."
Snotlout: "And you listened to me? I'm an idiot. Ask anyone."
Minden: "I-I don't know."
Snotlout: "Look, this is it right here. This is your moment. Maybe not your moment of glory, but the moment you decide what's most important to you, your own feelings or the vow you made to these women and all of these dragons."

"Chain of Command" is the third episode of Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 6. It was released on Netflix on February 16, 2018.


During a trip to Wingmaiden Island to find a Dragon Eye lens, Snotlout challenges Hiccup’s leadership. On another island, an unlikely romance blooms.


Hiccup and Snotlout inform Atali about the threat of Trader Johann at Wingmaiden island and also request her to attend their summit meeting with other allies at Caldera Bay. Minden eagerly asks to accompany Atali but she gets sidelined by Nadia, and is instead put in command of the island's defenses in the East. Minden complies but is disgruntled by the decision. Hiccup tells Snotlout to accompany her. Both Snotlout and Minden agree that their leaders keep putting them behind important work regardless of their potential. Snotlout adds that she should quit fighting it but Minden refuses to remain this way. Suddenly, forest fires break out in the West. Snotlout suggests to call Hiccup's help but Minden sees this as an opportunity to prove her value to Atali; she orders to relocate all the wing maidens in the East to help extinguish the flames. However, the fires turned out to be a diversion to leave Hiccup and Atali vulnerable from a surprise attack from the Dragon Flyers. When Minden and Snotlout arrive in the scene, Atali is knocked out of the skies but is luckily rescued by Hiccup and Toothless. Command falls under Minden and she orders a full retreat to protect the newborn Razorwhips.

Minden leads them to seek refuge in the caverns. After the flyers pass by, Minden is confused as to why they would attack their island. Hiccup realizes the hunters suspect that a new dragon eye lens is hidden here and inquires Minden if she has seen one. Minden denies it, but Snotlout seems to know she lied. He confronts Minden about it but she pleads Snotlout to keep it from Hiccup as she wishes to retrieve the lens alone to redeem her failures. As Hiccup and the wingmaidens tend to an unconscious Atali, Minden quietly exits the cave when Snotlout brings Hookfang to help her out.

The dragon riders begin the summit by first deciding on where to properly hide the dragon lenses from Johann's forces. Talks break down when the Berserker Chief Dagur and Queen Mala disagree on their respective islands' security when it comes to safeguarding the lenses. Fishlegs mediates the two leaders in the hopes they would find common ground but it drags on for hours. The Twins step in to substitute but they introduce unorthodox and violent means for Dagur and Mala to settle their differences. Despite the terrifying trust exercises, it proves effective enough that romantic feelings begin to develop between Dagur and Mala. Terror mail arrives carrying Hiccup's message of wingmaiden island under attack. The riders, along with Dagur and Mala, hurry to their aid.

Minden and Snotlout enter a deep sinkhole that serves as a shrine for the fallen razorwhips. Minden proceeds to uncover where their dragon eye lens is cleverly kept, impressing Snotlout. Meanwhile, dragon flyers are attacking the cavern and Hiccup is left to deal with them alone with Snotlout and Minden missing. Krogan's arrival overwhelms Hiccup and Toothless and are captured. Snotlout and Minden resurface but are too late to free them when both are pushed back into the forest. Atali blames herself for having failed Atali and Hiccup that she surrenders her razorwhip, resigning herself as a wingmaiden, following Snotlout's earlier advice. Snotlout pleads Minden to reconsider but she walks away hopeless.

While tending Hookfang's injury, both his dragon and Minden's razorwhip believe that Snotlout should talk to Minden. Snotlout clarifies his advice on quitting as it won't help her in the end and motivates her in a speech about how she still has a chance for redemption. Pleased by his sincerity, Minden kisses Snotlout and has her razorwhip return to her with a distinct whistling call.

A caged Hiccup and Toothless is brought to the village surrounded by Krogan and his flyers. Snotlout flies in with a razorwhip on his back to have Krogan chase him as he shows them the dragon eye lens. With fewer defenders, Minden and Hookfang free Hiccup and Toothless. Snotlout lures the flyers to a trap by signalling for the wingmaidens to perform the whistling call that unleashes the newborn razorwhips that cling on the flyers' backs and then carry them away from their singetails. Krogan closes in on Snotlout until Toothless manages to separate Krogan from his Alpha singetail. However, the singetail comes back for his master's rescue. Hiccup discerns that Krogan has formed a bond with the dragon. Luckily, the Riders finally arrive and force Krogan to withdraw.

The riders and their allies decide to have all their dragon eye lenses stored in wingmaiden island. Minden finishes the task but she tells Snotlout that she still feels undeserved to become a wingmaiden. A recovered Atali refutes her claim as her mistakes help her improve herself that would one day make her a leader of the wingmaidens. As the riders return for Dragon's Edge, Snotlout expects Hiccup's rebuke but actually commends his actions. Hearing this, Snotlout expects to be rewarded by being assigned to important missions. Hiccup allows it so long as he can persuade Astrid. Snotlout is quick to back out on the proposal.





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