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Ceriman plants appear in the game, School of Dragons.


Ceriman (Monstera deliciosa) are plants that can be found in tropical rainforests in Central America. It is an epiphyte, meaning its roots can stay above ground and derive nutrients from the air. It can grow quite large - over 30 feet. It has heavily ribbed leaves and produces a specialized white leaf that looks like a single large petal, which surrounds the actual flower stalk, which appears like a bumpy finger. The "bumps" are actually scales. The fruit somewhat resembles a very skinny pineapple.


Flame Whipper dragons, native to Impossible Island, include the ceriman as part of their diet. It is unclear if they eat just the fruit, or all of the plant.

In reality, the ripe fruit is consumed by humans after the outer scales are removed. The whole plant is often used as a decorative houseplant. Occasionally the roots may be used as rope and to make baskets. It also has some herbal medicine applications.


Ceriman appears in the School of Dragons expansion "Secret of the Leviathan". Phlegma points out to the player that the ceriman is an invasive species to Impossible Island, but because the Flame Whippers eat them, its population is kept in check. In actuality, the ceriman is an invasive plant to Hawaii and a few other tropical islands.



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