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Carrots are vegetables seen in the game, School of Dragons.


Carrots (Daucus carota sativus) are plants with a long, single tap root and green thin-leaved stems above ground. The root is typically a shade of orange, but cultivating has produced other colors such as white, red, or purple. The carrot that is grown by humans is considered a subspecies of the wild carrot, and originated in Persia. The root contains many vitamins and minerals and is considered a food beneficial for health.


Carrot roots are used in the Franchise and real life as food. The carrot tops - stems and leaves - are also edible, but are eaten on a much smaller scale. Carrots are valued for their nutritional content, particularly of carotenes, which may be beneficial for eye health. This quality is mentioned in a Farm Job in School of Dragons:

I eat carrots by the bushel, my friend, because I like having good eyesight!
  Trader Johann in School of Dragons  

Dragons are shown to eat carrots as well, as evidenced by another Farm Job.

Eret demands carrots for his Thunderdrum! I must oblige.
  — Johann in School of Dragons  

Yet another Farm Job implicates carrots (along with strawberries and toothache plants) are good for soothing sore dragon mouths, though in reality there is no evidence for this.



School of Dragons

Carrots are a harvestable crop the player can grow on their farms and use toward completion of Farm Jobs for rewards. A bag of carrot seeds costs 130 coins and yields 6 carrots, after 100 minutes of growth time.

During the quest "Strength Smooties" Ruffnut reveals that she has been drinking carrot juice to help her during the training.

You know what gives me an edge? Carrot juice! Carrots are loaded with Vitamin A, which helps my eyes stay sharp. Good vision is important for dodging your enemy's strikes. This awesome veggie also has Vitamin K, which keeps my bones and arteries strong so I can totally dominate during sparring practice!
  — Ruffnut about the carrots  

A basket of carrots also appear on a vendor table on Auction Island.

Images of carrots appear in Loki's Maze of Cheers during a labyrinth part.


  • Real life Vikings indeed used to ate carrots, but it was a white type.



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