This Singetail has been through so much pain, the poor dear. Not many dragons survive being trapped by those Dragon Hunters... but his soul is bright as ever! It has so many secrets that it hasn't discovered...
  — Valka  

A Captured Singetail appears in the game School of Dragons during the expansion Return to Dragon Island.


Capture and Freedom

Shortly before the events in Return to Dragon Island, this Singetail was captured by the Dragon Hunters and brought to Auction Island, where he was going to be sold during an auction.

When the player and Eret go to Auction Island to find more information about Harald Forkbeard, they hear about the Captured Singetail and decide to free him. While Eret distracts the hunter who was guarding the cage, the player solves a puzzle and opens the cage the Singetail was kept in. The dragon then runs away into a cave on the island.

Later, on Dragon's Edge, Valka, Hiccup and the player try to tame the wild Singetail. He then makes a distress fire, calling other Singetails. The player then tames the now freed Singetail, showing the other dragons that he/she means no harm to them. The Singetails leave, with the except of the one that was captured, which becomes one of the player's dragons.

Physical Appearance

The Captured Singetail is a typical-looking for his species. He is red with pink patterns on his wings.


  • Despite the hunter that captured the Singetail saying that the dragon is a Short Wing (teen), the player receives it as a Broad Wing (adult). It is possible that the hunter can't make the difference between the growth stages of a dragon or he was lying in order to attract people because younger dragons are less strong than fully growns.


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