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A Scauldron...impressive. You might want to cut back its water. [src]

The Captured Scauldron is a Scauldron that was captured by the Outcasts during their attempt to train dragons.


Captured by the Outcasts

And this one only gets enough water to keep it alive. [src]

At some point before the events of "We Are Family, Part 2", this Scauldron was captured by the Outcasts. It was then placed in the dragon cages on Outcast Island. The training was hampered by the Scauldron continuously blasting hot water at any Outcast that got close to it.

When Hiccup was captured by Alvin the Treacherous and brought to Outcast Island, he was forced to aid the Outcasts in their dragon training. Upon noticing the Scauldron and seeing one of its water blasts, Hiccup suggested that the Outcasts cut back its water, which Savage quickly made a nearby Outcast write down. Eventually, the Scauldron's water was cut down to an amount that was just enough to keep it alive, preventing it from blasting water.

Later on, after Hiccup had managed to escape, with the "aid" of Mildew, and trained Flystorm, he returned to the dragon cages in an attempt to rescue Toothless. However, Alvin was prepared for them, releasing the Scauldron, along with Groundsplitter and a Captured Changewing, to attack Hiccup, Mildew, and Flystorm. After successfully managing to avoid the attacks of all three dragons, including the Scauldron's water blasts, the three dragons became tangled up in each other, allowing Hiccup, Mildew, and Flystorm to escape.

Physical Appearance

The Captured Scauldron is representative of its species. It is green in color with orange and blue patterns on its wings, in addition to blue patterns on its tail.



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