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Melodia: "Cantata?"
Cantata: "Melodia? Oh, I missed that voice."[src]

Cantata is a female Songwing who first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets of the Songwing. She is Melodia's songmate.


Reunion with Melodia

After a long period of time during which Cantata was separated from her songmate, Melodia, she was able to find her friend on Huttsgalor. Cantata claimed that she missed Melodia's voice, and the two Songwings started harmonizing in the sky.

Physical Appearance

Cantata is a Songwing who is covered in streaks of bright colours, including yellow, red, turquoise, and purple.


Cantata is shown to be kind and soft spoken. As a Songwing, she shares the same passion for music and singing as her songmate Melodia.

Abilities and Skills

  • Hypnotizing Song: Like all Songwings, Cantata has a soothing voice, that she can use to calm down other dragons.



Melodia is Cantata's songmate, and therefore they have a strong bond. She was very happy when she reunited with her friend, saying how she missed Melodia's voice.



  • The name Cantata is derived from the Latin Canto, which means "I sing". It is also a reference to the vocal composition type that often involve a choir solos or orchestras accompanied by instrumentals.


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